Dr. Ilan (Daniels) Rahimi

Director of Academic Development, Ono Academic College


Dr. Daniels Rahimi is a Presidium Member of the Bureau of Information Systems Analysts. He is a member of the board of directors of the non-profit organization “60-plus-minus”. Rahimi is a  Member of the National Committee for Information Technologies of the State of Israel and a member of the “Letter and Certificate” Committee for Holocaust Survivors. Dr. Daniels Rahimi is an academic consultant and a governing member of the “Eyes on the Road” organization.

Furthermore, Rahimi is an active partner in initiating and organizing social-educational activities for the advancement of various populations: special education classes, Yeshivot Hesder (religious studies institutions that integrate army service), development areas, socially-distressed groups, etc.

At the Ono Academic College, Dr. Daniels Rahimi has served as the Chairman of the Academic Campus (COO) for Academic Technological Development and as Information Systems Manager (CIO).


Bachelor of Laws, Ono Academic College, (2014)
Doctor of Business Administration, Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester, England. Research topic: Critical Success Factor Model for CRM Implementation (2005).
Master of Business Administration - Specialization in Marketing. Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester (1999).
Bachelor of Business Administration, Specialization in Computers and Information Systems, Secondary Specialization - Organization and Management , College of Management (1997).
Certificate - Senior Computer Teacher
College of Education in Hi-Tech (1997).

Teaching Areas

Information systems analysis, project management, information systems policy, programming, cross-organizational information systems.

Research interests

Cross-organizational information systems such as CRM, ERP, BI. Implementation of EL systems.

Selected Publications