Dr. Alon Afek

Lecturer and practicum coordinator specializing in sports


Dr. Alon Afek has been the director and a lecturer in the education and sports fields for over 20 years. He previously served in a variety of senior positions in the sports system in Israel.


BABEŞ-BOLYAI UNIVERSITY CLUJ-NAPOCA The Faculty of Psychology and Education Science - 2018
Physical Education Sciences, Wingate College of Physical Education and Sports - 2005
Physical Education, Wingate College of Physical Education and Sports - 1995

Teaching Areas

The structure and industry of sports in Israel, globalization in world sports, sports and society seminar, physical fitness theory, training methods and building a program in the gym, introduction to physiology, physiology of effort.

Research interests

The structure of sports in Israel, motivation in sports, factors that affect physical activity, sports and gender, and sports globalization.