Degrees taught in the faculty




The School of Humanities and Social Sciences, led by Dean Tova Hartman, offers a wide range of degrees, in education, sports education, music and Jewish studies. The programs were designed for those with a social-educational vision, whose dream is to lead meaningful processes in the community, to engage in non-formal education, within schools and in informal settings, or work with and promote at-risk youth that open doors to a variety of fascinating positions such as: coordinating and training in youth units, community management, counselling and training for boarding school management, working with at-risk youth in youth promotion, leading social and educational organizations, integrating children and youth with disabilities in society and more. In addition, the Sports Specialization enables students to transition their love of sports to a professional occupation, employing the educational values that can make sports so meaningful in the lives of youth. 

The degree in Music will enable students to acquire the tools to succeed in a musical career while being able to excel and express themselves musically. 

Those interested in strengthening their roots will find the Jewish Studies program fascinating. Studies delve into the thousands of years of foundational Jewish thoughts and traditions that are the fabric of Jewish society, adding fresh and modern multicultural and interfaith perspectives.

Degree Programs

  • BA in Education and Social Studies
  • BA in Education and Social Studies with Sports Specialization
  • BMus in Multidisciplinary Music
  • MA in Education
  • MA in Jewish Studies