Program Highlights

Enjoy a variety of learning in class and the field during your studies
The program allows a successful combination of work and studies
During the first semester of a bachelor's degree in education and social sciences, students will be exposed to various specializations, at the end of which they can decide which discipline to focus on


If you are fascinated with interpersonal relationships, have a dynamic social education vision, and dream of leading significant change within the community, this program is for you. The curriculum will prepare you to engage in formal education settings, such as schools, and informal systems, such as working with at-risk youth. Using up-to-date technology and methods, you can create real change, reshape our future generation, and educate them with a cohesive social worldview.

The degree opens doors for you to various rewarding positions, such as education and training of youth, community management, training and management in boarding schools, working with at-risk youth, leading social and educational organizations, integrating children and youth with disabilities into society, and more.

During the degree, you can choose two focus areas: work with at-risk youth, integration and inclusion of people with disabilities, dance and movement for preschoolers, and behavioral therapy. Our graduates integrate into associations, social organizations, youth boarding schools, government offices, public services, non-profit organizations, and more.

Among the subjects of study: experience and tools for working in the multicultural society in Israel, imparting skills for training and management, imparting skills for working with at-risk youth and people with disabilities, educational social entrepreneurship, a variety of courses in the fields of psychology, sociology, education, and criminology.


The study programs to choose from:


B.A. with Specialization in Learning and Training Development focusing on Digital Integration

Every organization is required to train its people in numerous diverse topics, such as:
How to provide service, how to sell, how to proceed carefully against cyber attacks, how to prevent harassment at work, training of the customer on how to use the product, and much more.

Ono Academic College trains the learning and training developers of the future.

The program includes specialization in advanced learning technologies and all under the guidance of the best experts in Israel.

The program does not require prior technical knowledge. Instead, it offers an educational-instructional approach to developing training solutions using various existing technological tools with the help of graphic designers and programmers.

Upon graduation, each student finishes with a portfolio that allows them to integrate into the world of employment.

The average salary of training developers is over NIS 13,000 per month.

Come study a humanistic profession that can introduce you to the world of education, hi-tech, and industry without having to be a technologist.

This profession suits those who love people, like working with people, are curious, and are interested in understanding and explaining.


B.A. with Specialization in At-Risk Youth Studies

This specialization provides tools and prepares the students for the field. Intending to create students who think, have an innovative vision, and research and understand the field of at-risk youth differently. From this, they can act as changers of social reality and learn to produce relevant and up-to-date solutions that affect society as a whole.

The Ono Academic College is the only place in Israel that teaches a B.A. degree focusing on working with youth in risk situations within the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. As a result, the graduates of the Ono program receive a rich educational and social background, which allows them to better understand the people they are aiming to help and shift the margins of society. 


B.A. with a Specialization in Sports

Want to turn your love of sports into a career? To manage or be an entrepreneur in sports? Lead social change through sports? To be educational coaches?

The program provides the training and the most appropriate tools for coaching, education, and management roles in sports. The degree studies emphasize the place of the sports world as a central factor in education and management. Our goal is to turn you into a leading educational figure along with professionalism in sports.

Teaching to lift one’s chin for a header is important, but educating one to lift one’s head after a loss is much more critical. Likewise, teaching to control the ball is essential, but educating to control anger when something doesn’t work, is much more critical.


B.A. with Specialization in Accessibility and Disability Studies

Ono Academic College is the only place in Israel that teaches the degree mentioned above, a new approach in Israel that has led to significant changes in the attitude toward children and people with disabilities.

Graduates of our program receive a rich educational and social background, which allows them to better understand people for whom they develop accessible and inclusive environments. Also, the graduates receive knowledge and useful educational-social tools in training and learning (such as introduction to art therapy, CBT, parent training, and more).

I Believe
Dr. Orly Alaluf Head of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Education is not the filling of a bucket, but the lighting of a fire" (Yeats). The desire to learn, lead, change and shape society and its individuals is the starting point of the Department of Education and Social Sciences at Ono Academic College. We strive to develop and nurture valuable, professional, and valued educators from all shades of the social spectrum who will lead the change in education in particular and society in general. Graduates of the program specializing in the various focus areas: youth at risk, disability and accessibility studies, specialization in sports, and digital teaching and training will be part of the next generation that will shape formal and informal education in Israel. For this purpose, we recruited the best lecturers who combined extensive academic knowledge and rich experience in the field. Join us in leading the change!

Our Program Graduates Speak

"Choosing to study at Ono Academic College is one of the best decisions I've made. The degree includes theoretical studies but mostly practice. During the degree, we also take courses that give us professional certificates, which allow us to work in the field already during our studies. I'm satisfied and recommend it."
Adi Malka
"For me, to study at Ono Academic College was to experience life in the State of Israel. In the classroom, there was a fascinating and significant multicultural dynamic that prepared me for my public educational role today."
Noah Zor Brosh

More About the Program

  • Students who wish to complete studies for a teaching certificate will be able to integrate at the end of their degree studies at any college for teaching certificate studies within the program for retraining academics (per the admission conditions at the relevant colleges).
  • There is a direct path to a master’s degree in organizational consulting for educational systems and a master’s degree in education in various specializations.
  • The Ministry of Education approved an exemption from the orientation course for B.A. graduates in Education and Social Sciences specializing in at-risk youth. All new employees hired to promote at-risk youth in the Ministry of Education and local authorities must participate in an orientation course for new employees during their first year of employment. After the inspection of our study programs focusing on youth at risk, we received recognition from the Ministry of Education that the graduates of the specialization on at-risk youth will be exempt from participating in the orientation course thanks to the knowledge and experience they acquired during their studies in the B.A. program in Education and Social Sciences with a specialization in focusing on at-risk youth.