An Israeli Success Story

Imagine Jews and Druze working side-by-side in business to help their company prosper. 

Imagine Ethiopian-Israelis serving in the Knesset. 

Imagine the scores of Hareidim/Ultra-Orthodox Jews productively working to support their families and society. 

This is the Israel that Ono is creating.


contributing to government, business, law, education, social welfare, healthcare, music, and sports in Israel.
“At Ono, academic excellence meets social responsibility to create a more equitable, inclusive, and prosperous world.”
Ranan Hartman
Founder & CEO
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Ono’s Founder, Ranan Hartman, son of renowned Rabbi David Hartman, had a vision of bringing together Israelis whose lives would not necessarily cross paths. 


By learning together, we can understand our differences and bridge our divides. 


By providing practical education, we can bring people into the workforce who might not otherwise have that opportunity.

By supporting Ono Academic College, you are helping Israel fulfill its promise as a beacon of hope.

Support Our Vision

There are many opportunities to support Ono’s programs, facilities, and scholarship funds. We would be glad to talk with you about giving opportunities to maximize the impact of your contribution.

Unrestricted Gifts
As Israel’s largest, leading college, Ono is at the forefront of creating programs to meet the market demands of today and tomorrow. Your unrestricted support allows us to address needs aligned with our vision of creating best-in-class programs.
Faculty Excellence
Our faculty, who believe in our vision and bring particular expertise, is the essential ingredient for our success. Help us continue to attract top-tier faculty to develop innovative programs that keep Ono at the forefront of practical education. Speak to us about how you can support first-rate facilities and endow chairs across our departments.
Student Scholarships
Ono’s mission is to make education accessible to all strata of Israeli society — in particular, those who have not typically attended college. We are proud of being able to bring together Jews, Druze, Bedouins, the physically challenged, and other types of students to study together. Your support of our scholarship program enables this.
Planned Giving
Talk to us about supporting Ono Academic College through estate planning, bequests, and planned gifts — to preserve your legacy in perpetuity and support Ono for generations.

New Savyon Campus

With our new campus in Savyon, near Tel Aviv, we predict teaching over 25,000 students from diverse backgrounds by 2028, up from 18,000 today. For the first time in Israel, Haredi men and women will be studying on the same campus as secular, Arab, and Christian Israelis. Your support of Ono’s new campus creates a permanent legacy for your family while helping Ono fulfill its promise of bringing students together to better understand each other.

The new campus provides name-recognition opportunities for many programs and facilities.
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