Prof. Tsfìra Grebelsky-Lichtman

Professor in the Faculty of Humanities


Prof. Tzafira Lichtman-Grabelski works in media consulting, personal management, and conducting workshops for senior executives and politicians. She teaches personal communication skills and advises politicians and senior executives from leading companies in the economy in matters of managerial communication and negotiation management.

Prof. Lichtman-Grabelski has consulted for CEOs and owners of banks, high-tech companies and industry, prime ministers and city managers, police chiefs, senior executives in government ministries, and the General Security Service.

As part of her personal media consulting, she works on improving personal communication skills in front of boards, employees, and clients, including negotiation, appearance in the mass media, and giving press conferences.

Prof. Lichtman-Grabelski has served on the Board of Directors of the Broadcasting Authority as an academic representative and a member of the Digital Media Committee of the Broadcasting Authority.


Communication and Journalism, The Hebrew University (2003).
The Hebrew University (1996) (with honors).
Communication and Journalism, The Hebrew University (1995) (cum laude).

Teaching Areas

Communication skills in management, business negotiation management, interview theory, the art of speech ‎and persuasion, and research methods

Research interests

Verbal communication and non-verbal communication in media and interpersonal communication, Political ‎marketing, Advertising and media influence