Program Highlights

We train a new generation of leaders, decision makers and professionals who specialize in the various aspects of educational practice.
Degree studies emphasize practical knowledge. The program is delivered by our best lecturers who connect theory and practice.
Masters Level studies in education will deepen and develop the knowledge you acquired during your undergraduate studies. The more advanced your degree, the higher your earning potential.


Head of the program – Dr. Rachel Hillel Avraham.

The Master’s Degree in Education provides students with the option of choosing one of the following specializations:

M.A. in Education with a Specialization in Special Education | Head of Specialization: Dr. Carmela Igle

This specialization has a unique curriculum in which the best lecturers with rich and varied experience in the fields of special education and their teaching methods meet. This program is designed for educators and managers who want to enrich and deepen their knowledge in special education areas across the entire range of populations of students, including those with special needs and diverse levels of functioning. The purpose of the Specialization in Special Education is to bring the students to formulate the concept of educational value while deepening and developing their creative thinking skills as related to the field of special education.

M.A. in Education with a Specialization in the Management and Organization of Education Systems  | Head of Specialization: Dr. Jonah Miller

The aim of this specialization program is to create new pedagogical leadership in the educational system in accordance with the reforms and changes that have taken place in recent years. The curriculum focuses on three aspects of the development and training of professional and skilled personnel: personal, professional, and organizational.

M.A. in Education with a Specialization in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Learning | Head of Specialization: Dr. Gila Levy-Atzmon

Come and think differently about teaching and learning in combination with technology! This Specialization focuses on developing innovative pedagogical thinking and providing up-to-date technological tools for its application in the field. Students master how to learn with the help of technology anywhere and anytime, how to combine learning experiences, how to challenge and interest students, how to get to know diverse learning technologies, and understand how to make optimal use of them.

M.A. in Education with a Specialization in Social and Cultural Education |  Head of Specialization: Prof. Avner Ben Zaken

The specialization aims to enable the internalization and implementation of democratic civic capabilities on the one hand and the implementation of leadership and organizational capabilities on the other.

M.A. in Education with a Specialization in Early Childhood Education | Head of Specialization: Dr. Marilyn Samadja

This specialization is designed for professionals working in the early childhood education system in Israel or for those seeking to integrate into the field: in kindergartens, daycare centers, and nurseries, in intervention programs for children at risk, as well as in frameworks and programs in non-formal education.

Graduates Speak
Sari Hezi
The Specialization opened new horizons for me as regards the profession, the people who work in it, the society in which it functions, and the surrounding cultures. I took care to apply the content I learned during my studies in my professional role and to experience the various practices. Thanks to my specialization today, I am more focused as a change agent - goal-oriented and working to create meaningful learning.
Graduates Speak
Limor Ben - Ari
The decision to go on to study for a master’s degree was clear to me. To my delight, I got far beyond what I expected from my studies. Firstly, the teaching staff that was at first was headed by Prof. Gila Kurtz and then moved under the direction Dr. Gila Levy Atzmon was excellent. The Specialization’s directors insisted on the highest standards. It was simply amazing. The curriculum was always advanced, up-to-date and relevant. It contributed and continues to contribute to me in my various roles.

Our Program Graduates Speak

“Today, we are witnessing a very big development in the whole field of education. Our students are all exposed to sources of information, and the role of the educator is increasingly focused on specialization, creating curiosity, motivations, creating a discourse that evokes critical thinking.”
Dr. Carmella Igle
Head of the Specialization in Special Education
“Today, I run a kindergarten for children with developmental disabilities. Even with 20 years of experience, there is always something to learn.”
Ravit Keisari
Teacher, Master's Degree graduate student in Education

Study Days and Placement

More About the Program

  • The degree is recognized for professional advancement by the Ministry of Education
  • The degree is recognized by the Council for Higher Education
  • The degree is recognized for tuition reimbursements
  • The degree is recognized for a scholarship from the Histadrut / Teachers’ Organization