1. This is the privacy statement of Ono Academic College (hereinafter: “the College” or any first-person application). This statement reviews the types of information we collect, the methods of collection, the uses of the information and your rights regarding it. 
  2. We act in accordance with the Protection of Privacy Law, 1981 (hereinafter: “the Law”) and the other provisions and laws applicable to us (such as the Council for Higher Education Law, 1958). This privacy statement applies to the services we provide and the use of our websites and applications. 
  3. This statement may be updated from time to time. The updated version will appear on our websites. Such changes will apply to you so you should keep up to date with them. 
  4. This Privacy Policy applies to information that is identifiable or identifiable by reasonable means. As a general rule, you have no legal obligation to provide the information set forth below, but failure to provide it may prevent us from providing you with certain services. 
  5. The information will be stored in the College’s databases for the time required to realize the purposes for which the information was collected, and in accordance with this privacy policy. 
  6. This privacy policy applies to the use and browsing of the College’s sites (under the address: and in our applications. 
  7. What information do we collect and how do we collect it? As part of our activities, we process information of various types. 
  8. Contact information – We collect information related to the provision of our services on sites and applications, such as the name and email address that you are asked to provide to us when registering for sites or applications. Such information will be collected by us directly through dialog boxes or registration pages for the website, or in cases where you send us messages or questions, or contact our customer service. 
  9. Information you provide as part of your participation in our forum or chat – In the forum you may be asked to provide personal information to lecturers or College representatives regarding your study or participation in a particular course, or you may choose on your own initiative to disclose or transfer personal information about one of the forum participants (including administrators). In addition, as part of our service we provide chats with a human response. When you contact us through the chat, we keep the contact information you choose to transfer of your own free will, so that we can assist you in your request. Please try to provide only the details required for the receipt of the services, and refrain from providing any details or other personal information that is not necessary for this purpose. 
  10. Information about your activity on our websites and applications – IP address, times of activity on websites and applications and information about your use of them (such as browsing history, downloading content, registering for courses, tests or other services and submitting assignments), and information about the device used (such as mobile phone device model, ID numbers such as IMSI and IMEI, reception intensity and duration of operation), operating system version, MAC address and location data (if you confirmed their collection when installing the applications). Please note that you can stop our location data collection by removing the apps, or changing the location data collection option from your device. 
  11. Information about our websites and applications – We use cookies and similar technologies (such as tags and web beacons), including third-party tools, to monitor your activity on our sites and applications, for information security purposes and to optimize the services we provide to you. For example, using cookies helps identify you when logging back into sites or apps, monitors your activity on sites and apps, and automatically collects information about you such as IP address, duration of visits to sites and apps, operating system versions, browser type, location, research and statistics, and more. You can stop collecting information using cookies by changing the settings in the browser you are using. If you block cookies, some services may not be available to you, or you may need to re-enter details. Changing these settings is your responsibility. Some of the cookies on our sites and applications come from third parties who manage content display. These third parties will use cookies in accordance with their privacy policies, and not ours. We may use the services of third parties such as Google Analytics to collect and analyze personal information in connection with the use of the service, including information regarding your activity on websites or applications. You can find more control over these cookie settings on their websites. 
  12. Information that you provide as part of participation in surveys or questionnaires – Sometimes we may ask you to provide information for the purpose of filling out surveys and / or questionnaires that we require in order to improve our services. Participation in these surveys or questionnaires is not mandatory, and you can choose not to provide the information.  
  13. Any other information you provide to us while browsing or using the Websites and Apps. 
  14. What are the uses made of the information? The information about you is used by us for the following: Providing services Management, control, operational needs and improvement of our services, handling errors, inquiries and complaints, contact, identity verification, compliance with provisions, laws, court orders, guidelines, policies and procedures, detection and prevention of illegal actions (including attempted fraud), Information security, protection of our and others’ legal rights (including defense against lawsuits), direct mailing and marketing activities (for further details please see section 12 below), Enriching the content of the sites and / or applications of the College (through cookies and automatic collection of information on sites and / or applications), statistical needs and research (including the use of means such as anonymization and pseudonymization, to turn personal information into unidentified, or unidentifiable information). 
  15. Transfer of information to a third party – The College can transfer the information to third parties, both in Israel and abroad, in the following cases:  
  16. For the purposes of the goals set forth in this Privacy Policy, for the realization of the goals we are permitted by law, and for the realization of our legitimate interests, for example to prevent fraud. The transfer of such information will be made subject to the obligations of the third party to maintain privacy and information security at the required level depending on the type of information transferred. 
  17. Subcontractors and suppliers with whom we cooperate in our day-to-day operations. In this context, your information may be stored by cloud providers abroad that provide us with services in connection with applications. In this case, we ensure that the transfer of information and its security will be in accordance with all laws, including compliance with privacy regulations (2001). 
  18. As part of the sale of the College’s business (in whole or in part) or the merger of the College with another institution, provided that the same third party complies with the provisions of the law regarding the protection of privacy and information security.  
  19. If we have legal a teacher order to do so or if there is a legal requirement to do so, including any transfer of information required of us (by law) as an institution of higher education. 
  20. In order for us to defend ourselves against lawsuits. 
  21. We may pass on personal information to third parties for research and statistics purposes. The transfer of personal information in such a case will be made when the information is aggregate, and while taking measures that will make it difficult to identify you with reasonable effort. You can ask us to stop processing the information for statistical purposes and to transfer it aggressively to third parties, by contacting our customer service at 
  22. Subject to your express consent and by law, we will be entitled to transfer personal information about you to third parties for their commercial purposes. 
  23. Information security – The College takes information security measures appropriate to the type of information in its possession and in accordance with the provisions of the law. For this purpose, the College uses reasonable and acceptable security measures that comply with the standards used in the field. Despite the above, there is still a risk of intrusion into the College’s databases and information. As long as the College takes reasonable security measures, it will not be liable for any damage caused as a result of such unauthorized intrusion and transfer of information to a third party due to such intrusion. You are also responsible for taking appropriate information security measures, such as providing correct contact information, using anti-virus measures, etc., updating software, ensuring downloads from official or approved sites, encryption, and avoiding the use of public computers or public WIFI networks without encryption.  
  24. Your rights in the information  – Subject to the law and the provisions of the law, you can contact the College’s customer service in writing and request to review the information about you kept by it. If it becomes clear to you that the information the College holds about you is incorrect, you have the right to request its correction or deletion. In your application, you must provide identification information as requested, so that we can identify you properly. 
  25. Advertisements and direct mail  – The information about you will also be used for the purposes of our direct marketing, advertising and mailing or those on our behalf, as well as information about products and services of third parties provided in cooperation with us, including custom marketing. We will be entitled to send you direct mailings and advertisements in connection with our services (and subject to your consent, also in connection with services or other products), in any means of communication, including by e-mail, SMS messages, automatic dialing system and social networks. You can request to be deleted from the mailing list for advertisements and from the mailing list for direct mail, also by contacting the service center at the email address In some cases you can contact the email address also mentioned to request deletion of information as stated in section 11 above. Please note that mailings that we must and / or may send to you by law, even without your consent, may be sent to you after the removal request.  
  26. On some occasions, clicking on the a will cause you to exit Ono Academic College website and enter a site operated by a third party. Connection to third parties to whom a link leads will be made with those third parties only, at your own risk and / or responsibility only, and Ono Academic College will have no responsibility and / or obligation in connection with such engagements.  Without detracting from the written above, the College is not responsible for any damage – indirect or direct – caused to you or your property as a result of using or relying on the information and content appearing on the sites you access through the existing links on the College website or relying on information and content published by third parties.  
  27. Contact – If you have any questions or problems regarding your privacy, you can contact us via