Rabbi Pinhas Cohen

Academic Director of Education and Society Programs at the ultra-Orthodox Campuses. Lecturer in Education


Rabbi Pinhas Cohen has worked as a classroom educator and principal at a elementary schools, yeshivas and girls’ high schools. He has served as a neighborhood caregiver in the welfare department, director of the wellbeing visiting unit (the first ultra-Orthodox unit in the country). Rabbi Cohen was the director of the first Haredi youth promotion unit in the country. He served as chairman of the urban youth movement “Derchei HaTorah” which has about two thousand members.  He was the Ministry of Education’s national facilitator in the field of promoting youth to the ultra-Orthodox sector.  In addition, Cohen has served as a synagogue rabbi and educational and family counselor.


Business Administration, Ono Academic College
Humanities and Social Sciences, Ono Academic College
Rabbinical Certification
Eretz Israel Institute

Teaching Areas

Education. Parenting. Leadership. Organization. Management.

Research interests

Integration of a first-generation ultra-Orthodox students in academia