Director of the Ono Center for Clinical Social Law: Dr. Judy Broder


“Law is a tool that can lead to a change in the face of Israeli society”

The Ono Center for Clinical Social Law is one of the largest legal clinical settings in Israel. The center combines Ono Academic College’s social vision — to change the face of society in Israel, with its educational role—teaching the next generation of legal scholars.  It provides practical legal tools alongside theoretical legal teaching.

The Ono Center provides legal assistance in various fields to applicants who are unable to hire the services of a lawyer in order to enable every citizen to exercise his/her rights in full. The Center also provides legal assistance to the staff and students of Ono Academic College, based on a holistic view of the institution as a second home for all its employees and students.

The goal of Ono Academic College’s rich array of clinics is to develop, among the future generation of jurists, sensitivity to the phenomena of injustice and to increase their involvement in society through the experience and legal tools they acquired when providing legal assistance.

The clinical setting provides legal-social education. We educate future lawyers to be jurists who use the knowledge, status and resources provided to them by the profession, in order to bring about real social change, including by providing help and assistance to the community in which they live.

The students who participate in the various clinics get to take part in legal and supervised activities. The result is a work environment that encourages the pursuit of professional excellence alongside a critical observation of the nature of legal practice. In their work, students are given a unique opportunity to learn how a legal case is conducted from beginning to end and gain practical experience alongside theoretical studies.

The “legal clinics” at the clinical center are run by a professional and dedicated team, which has set itself the goal of bringing about a change in Israeli society. The legal service in the clinics is provided by lawyers who are experts in their field, along with students who accompany the process of providing legal assistance.

Advocate Jonathan Klinger, the Coordinator of the Clinic for the Fight Against Strategic Lawsuit Limiting Public Participation, together with student clinic work Natalie Tibi, published an opinion column on the “Seventh Eye” website, which tells a little about the clinic’s activities. Click here to read the article

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Contacts for the Ono Center for Clinical Social Law

Dr. Judy Broder, Head of the Ono Center for Clinical Social Law,

Specialist in criminal law and evidence law

Phone: 1-700-707-907


Karin Tahori, Student Coordinator