The Office of the Dean of Students – Yours and for You

Ono Academic College places students at the center of its work and believes that they are entitled to personal, pleasant, professional, and excellent service, similar to Ono’s commitment to teaching excellence. The student experience is an integral part of Ono Academic College’s essence. We at the Office of the Dean of Students will be happy to accompany you throughout your studies, and we invite you to contact us at any time.

So what exactly is the Office of the Dean of Students?

The Dean’s Office provides students with the support and assistance needed to focus on the student experience, including assistance in solving personal, social, and financial problems.

Students who encounter problems for which no solution has been found within the department/faculty in which they are studying are invited to contact the Dean of Students’ office on their campus for consultation and assistance.

In addition to the individual support for students, the Dean’s team works to create a learning environment accessible to all learners. As part of this activity, the office develops and establishes special curricula designed for students with disabilities or with different needs.

The Matana Center (Academic Support and Accessibility Center) operates under the Dean of Students and provides individual support and workshops on various topics to students.

Who are We?

  • Dean of Students – Prof. Shira Yalon Haimovich
  • Dr. Eyal Rechter, Deputy Dean of Students, Representative of the Dean of the Jerusalem Campus
  • Dr. Naama Katz, Deputy Dean of Students, Representative of the Dean on the Haifa Campus
  • Adv. Geula Avidan, Deputy Dean of Students, Haredi Campuses
  • Dr. Samuel Schwartz, Deputy Dean of Students, Representative of the Dean on the Netanya Campus

To Make Contact with the Office of the Dean of Students:  אתר הקריה האישי (כניסת סטודנטים) > כללי > פנייה לדיקנט.

Important Documents


Matana – The Academic Support and Accessibility Center

Director of the Center: Neta Linder-Katz

Ono Academic College’s Matana Support Center is responsible for all support and accessibility activities at Ono. Matana accompanies the student during their studies by providing the appropriate tools for strengthening and empowerment while providing assistance in finding accommodations and learning aids that will enable them to complete their academic studies.

The Center has several branches, which operate on the various campuses of Ono Academic College (Kiryat Ono, Or Yehuda, and Jerusalem).

Matana services include:

  • Individual counseling and accompaniment sessions.
  • Lending technological aids.
  • Training and coaching in assistive technology.
  • Workshops on various topics (learning strategies, dealing with exams, and more).
  • Academic mentoring system.
  • Concentration of information and counseling for the rights of students with disabilities.

To Contact the Matana Center: אתר הקריה האישי (כניסת סטודנטים) > “מרכז תמיכה ונגישות” 

Matana Staff

  • The director of the branch on the Kiryat Ono campus – Iris Addo-Biran
  • The director of the branch on the Jerusalem campus – Ravit Yaakobi
  • The director of the branch on the Or Yehuda campus – Edna Tzafrir
  • The director of the branch on the Haifa campus – Samar Zoabi


The “Keshev BeAkademia” Program – For Students with Attention Deficit Disorder

“Keshev BeAkademia” is a unique initiative of Ono Academic College that allows people with significant attention deficit disorder (ADHD) to integrate into undergraduate academic studies in any field they choose.

People with severe ADHD sometimes avoid entering academic studies or start without finishing, even when they are very talented and have a strong desire. We at the “Keshev BeAkademia” program believe that if we adapt the environment to you instead of expecting you to adapt yourself to the environment, we will succeed together.

In the “Keshev BeAkademia” program at Ono, students will receive personal guidance, guided peer groups, academic and academic support, and more.

To Contact the “Keshev BeAkademia” Program: 050-6334545


Center for Academic Equality

Director of the Center: Neta Linder-Katz

The Center for Academic Equality combines, under one roof, all the Ono initiatives and activities that promote an egalitarian integration of people with disabilities or people from other isolated or weakened sectors. In addition, the Center is a platform for creating new initiatives in the field.

Among the center’s initiatives and activities are:

  • National School for Rehabilitation, Integration, and Recovery in Mental Health. The school equips mental health rehabilitation workers, consumers, and families and is operated as a joint project of the Ministry of Health, the Mental Health Rehabilitation Division, and the Ono Academic Campus.
  • Seeing Far’ project. A program to integrate graduates on the autism spectrum into required professions in the IDF and the civilian market.
  • The Israeli Institute for Cognitive Accessibility. An institute that provides a professional and comprehensive solution to the need for accessibility for people with cognitive disabilities.
  • Friending’ courses. Courses that allow graduates with disabilities who have not yet studied in an academic setting to taste academic learning in an inclusive, participatory, and empowering atmosphere as part of mixed courses with full-time students.
  • Kfir program. An applied academic program that combines business administration studies and technology studies and aims to train students with high-functioning autism to fill technologically oriented positions in various high-tech organizations.
  • Become a Student’ program. A program of a disability database in collaboration with the Ono Academic Campus, which aims to enable the entry of academic studies for people with complex disabilities.
  • Universal Design for Learning – UDL. A model aimed at creating an inclusive design of the study environment so that it will suit the widest range of people interested in integrating into academic studies and will allow every student an opportunity for meaningful learning.
  • Development program. A social program that helps students with disabilities acquire tools and skills to look for work and integrate into jobs that match their skills. The service is provided with personal and professional guidance.

To Contact the Center for Academic Equality:


Career Management and Guidance Unit

Director of the Unit: Sheri Raz

The Career Guidance and Management Unit of Ono Academic College works to help students and graduates integrate into the world of employment in both the public and private sectors. The career guidance and management unit accompanies the students and graduates in finding a workplace that suits their skills and accompanies the employer in choosing the most suitable student/graduate for him, according to Ono’s principle of “applied academics.”

To Contact the Career Management and Guidance Unit: Phone: 03-5156347,