Program Highlights

Study in programs that allow you to balance your studies, career, and family life.
Our graduates fit into the most desirable professions in the private and government job market.
A unique scholarship that includes a tuition discount.


Ono Academic College invites you to join the House of Excellence.

You’re in the right place if you… are a part of the Religious Zionism youth who dream of going far in life and realizing their personal talent while contributing significantly to society!

To succeed in this, you must lay the foundations in the early stages of your life and career and equip yourself with quality knowledge, beliefs, and systems that will accompany you the rest of the way.

Therefore, studying in a high-quality institution with top-tier lecturers (lecturers who were rated the best in Israel for 5 years running), influential social settings, and an environment that promotes the meeting of content worlds (such as beit midrash lessons and enrichment activities), is all extremely important to your overall educational journey.  

Join the thousands of other young people that chose to study at Ono Academic College. It’s the kind of place that builds personal character, makes you a more valued professional in the workplace, and aids you in integrating into key positions in private and government fields.

I Believe
Rabbi Moshe Reiss Founder and head of the Religious Zionist Administration since its establishment in 2005. Serves as a warm and anchoring home for religious Zionists during their studies and orientation towards the world of work
It is my privilege to be an emissary to the religious Zionists who combine Torah and work.
I Believe
Harel Itzhaky CEO of "Talpiot" Academic College of Education
In Ono Academic College, I found (very!) good people in the middle of the road and an extraordinary connection in its quality and uniqueness, between academia and the world of values of religious Zionism.

Our Program Graduates Speak

"At the Ono Academic College, the unique attention to the needs of the religious community made the curriculum more convenient and simpler."
CPA Batia Edri
CPA office Rosenblum Holtzman
"In my class at the Ono Academic College, a group was created that knows how to help to close the gap when needed, which changes the whole atmosphere along the way."
Yair Sherki
Reporter on religious affairs at News 12
"At the Ono Academic College, I combined work and family life alongside academic life, and thanks to the opportunity to get to know Israeli society in its various shades. I had a social learning experience that created true friendships that continue to this day."
Harel Tovi
Director of the President's Office