In 2019, Ono Academic College won a tender from the Ministry of Construction and Housing to establish a college for project managers for residential neighborhoods. The college offers courses for project managers, engineers, and other professionals who deal with the establishment of residential neighborhoods in Israel on a daily basis while working with the Ministry of Construction and Housing, local authorities, and other parties.

The curriculum, which is spread over 250 hours of study, includes all the knowledge required for project management, including:

  • Statutory Laws
  • Drafting master plan documents
  • Scheduling
  • Land auctions
  • Design planning and foundation
  • Geometric design and drainage
  • Construction supervision
  • Materials laboratories
  • Traffic and landscape planning
  • Forests and antiquities
  • Safety
  • Contracts and accounts


College Professional Director: Eyal Amrusi, Engineer 

Director of the School of Real Estate: Dr. Haim Zicherman

In 2021, Ono plans on opening a master’s degree program (MBA) with a specialization in project management in real estate, subject to the approval of the Council for Higher Education.