Program Highlights

A career-oriented, practical, and in-demand degree – now more than ever.
Engage in active, experiential, and creative learning experiences throughout specialization courses. An emphasis on diverse cooperative learning in terms of both ways of learning and tools you'll acquire.
Develop your skills in the latest applications in teaching and learning processes and gain knowledge on the latest and most relevant topics in learning technologies and online and distance education.


Head of the program: Dr. Gila Levi-Azmon

The program is intended to provide up-to-date knowledge on the latest learning and teaching technologies and their integration for a wide range of education professionals.

The tools and knowledge you’ll acquire apply to the education system (from kindergarten to high school), educators and instructors in informal education, and training personnel in large organizations such as the IDF, police, healthcare, and municipal organizations. 

The need for educators with a solid foundation in technological knowledge has been made clear during the COVID-19 pandemic, with the increased demand for professionals who can implement and manage distance learning and adjust to digital learning environments. This specialization focuses on providing educators with the tools they need to adapt to the changing education landscape.

At Ono Academic College, we prepare professionals engaged in education, training, and teaching to face the practical challenges involved in information and communication technology and learning. Our unique simulation center makes use of professional actors to train students in real-world scenarios in a controlled environment.


Among the subjects of study:

  • Learning Technologies
  • Future-Oriented Innovative Pedagogy
  • Interrelationships Between Pedagogy and Technology
  • Learning Theories, Including Social-Cooperative Learning, Networked Learning, Problem-Based Learning (PBL), and Constructive Learning
  • Planning and Designing Distance Learning: Principles of Synchronous, Asynchronous, and Hybrid Learning
  • Digital Literacy: Organizing and Managing Digital Knowledge Environments
  • Assessment of Information Quality and Safety in the Network
  • Innovation and Creative Thinking in Education
  • Entrepreneurship and Leading Change in Education
  • Learning Games, Including Online Escape Rooms and the Development of Learning Games
  • Learning Combined with Multimedia Applications: Video, Animation, Podcasts, and more
  • Interactive Learning on the Genially Platform
  • Experience in Augmented Reality Activities
  • Mobile Learning – Theory and Practice

Program structure:

The program includes both specialization courses and core education courses.

Studies are concentrated on one day per week across four consecutive semesters (from October 2021 to February 2023).

The program includes theoretical learning combined with active experiences, practical exercises, discussions, and workshops.

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Unique at Ono Academic College: A simulation center featuring professional actors designed to train students in the most realistic way to handle practical fieldwork.

Skills you'll have after graduating from this program

  • Planning teaching and learning according to innovative pedagogy
  • Integrating learning technologies to achieve experiential and meaningful learning
  • Developing distance learning and hybrid learning lessons plants
  • Integrating multimedia in the learning process (video, animation, comics, Genially, podcasts)
  • Planning the integration of digital learning games to promote education
  • Leading educational initiatives within an organizational framework
I Believe
Sari Hezi Graduate
This program opened new horizons for me in terms of professions, people, society, and culture. I made sure to apply the content I learned during my studies in my role and to experience the full range of practices. Thanks to the program, I am more focused and goal-oriented, letting me create meaningful learning.
I Believe
Limor Ben-Ari Graduate
The decision to pursue a master's degree was clear to me. Fortunately, I received much more than I had expected from my studies. First, the teaching staff, under Prof. Gila Kurtz at the time and then passed to Dr. Gila Levy Atzmon, was led by a strong hand to be the best in the field. It was truly amazing. The inclusion, listening, empathy, and infinite patience they showed aren't to be taken for granted in academia. The study contents were always at the top, latest, and most relevant level, and that has contributed a lot to me in my various positions and continues to do so.
I Believe
Dr. Gila Levi-Azmon Head of the program
In our pedagogical concept, we believe that high-quality learning focuses on learners and strives to promote them while enriching the learning process and making it more meaningful. Such a concept requires openness and flexibility in the approach to teaching. For those who advocate such a concept, learning that integrates technologies offers a multitude of tools and opportunities. Therefore, the purpose of the program is to give our students pedagogical and technological understanding in order to improve teaching and learning through the integration of technologies.

Our Program Graduates Speak

In 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for educators with the skills and knowledge to handle learning in digital environments and distance learning became clear. These are now vital areas for anyone involved in teaching and learning. Today, we need innovative learning and teaching processes more than ever, with the flexibility to take place anywhere, anytime, and adapt to individual learners. Today, learning extends beyond school walls, taking place at home, in the community, and in other areas of life. This is made possible by the learning technologies that define today's digital learning environment. Our ICT and learning specialization program gives students the latest answers in terms of principles, strategies, planning, and application of learning and distance learning technologies in the field.
The degree is recognized for scholarships from the Teachers' Union/Teachers' Association/Kindergarteners' Association.
Graduates from the program will assume roles such as ICT leaders within educational institutions, trainers, innovators in developing advanced learning environments, ICT heads in municipal education departments, techno-pedagogical mentors, independent curriculum creators, lecturers, and practitioners in academic settings, among others.

More About the Program

Special workshops in this program:

  • An augmented reality workshop in the course “ICT Innovation and Learning”
  • A network safety workshop in the course “Digital Literacy in the Information Age”
  • A digital educational escape rooms workshop in the course “Integrating Online Games in Learning”
  • A creative thinking workshop in the course “Entrepreneurship and Leading Change in Education”
  • A Genially workshop in the course “Multimedia Learning from Theory to Practice”
  • A ZOOM environment learning workshop in the course “Distance Learning Here and Now”

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