Program Highlights

A unique initiative focused on expanding access to higher education.
Providing an opportunity for people with significant attention deficit disorders to integrate into academic studies in any field of study they choose.
Our goal is to support your journey and walk beside you with every step you take toward successfully completing your degree.
I Believe
Prof. Shira Yalon Chamovitz Dean of Students
We established the unique initiative of the Attention in the Academy program out of our great belief in people of all abilities and the abundant possibilities that are not realized because of the individual's fear of not succeeding with their attention disorders. We are here to support them personally from the first day of studies to their graduation ceremony.
I Believe
Rotem Barzilai Student in the Department of Education and Social Studies
The lecturers accompany students throughout their entire time in the program and are very helpful both personally and socially. There is always someone to make you believe in yourself and aim high and to remind you to trust in yourself even when you are dealing with the challenges of an attention disorder.

Our Program Graduates Speak

Professional personal support throughout the entire degree, from registration to graduation
Academic support, including individual and group tutoring, marathons before exams, and more
Assistance with strategies for organization and time management
Administrative assistance
Enrichment and empowerment workshops

More About the Program

Students in the program are integrated into regular classrooms and receive additional support. Each student in the program is provided with a personal support program adapted to their unique needs.

The graduates of the program achieve great success in their studies, and some even go on to receive a master’s degree.

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