Program Highlights

Acquire up-to-date knowledge and tools in the field of education, alongside practical experience that opens the door to many different positions and career opportunities both within and outside the education system.
Learn from top lecturers and trusted experts in the field of education with comprehensive insight into all aspects of education.
A complete academic experience includes professional and personal support both during your studies and after you've completed your degree.


Head of the department: Prof. Revital Sela-Shayovitz

Academic director – Dr. Rachel Hillel Avraham


Who is it suitable for?

Careers in the field of education offer opportunities to influence future generations and achieve positive social change. This program is for students looking to gain the knowledge and tools necessary to make that impact a reality, with a master’s degree unlocking more career opportunities.

Education is more than just a job – it’s a commitment to the growth and development of younger generations and to leave them better prepared for adult life.

Ono Academic College’s master’s degree in education program offers a wide range of courses that allow individual students to pursue specializations meaningful to them. These specializations open the door to new professional horizons and opportunities.

A master’s degree in education in any of the various specializations prepares graduates for many different positions throughout education. Public sector careers, formal and informal education, community outreach, and various education associations are all potential career paths.


Specialization options for your master’s degree in education

Special Education

Management and Organization of Education Systems

ICT and Learning


Early Childhood


Our study programs

Pursuing any of the specializations offered through our master’s degree in education program provides an engaging, practical, and innovative learning experience. 

Students are exposed to diverse aspects of our society’s educational frameworks and modern concepts in education. Students also gain the pedagogical, instructional, and managerial tools they need to face challenges in their careers in education, as developed by our leading lecturers in the field.

All of our study programs include practical experience, preparing our students for their actual work in the field.


Only at Ono Academic College: A simulation center featuring professional actors and other methods designed to train students for work in the field under the most realistic conditions.

I Believe
Dr. Rachel Halel Avraham Academic director
The master's degree in education program at Ono Academic College is intended for anyone interested in developing the field of education and applying its values through leading positions throughout influential areas of Israeli society. The master's degree in education and its various specializations offer a fascinating, entrepreneurial, and innovative learning experience. Studying at Ono provides exposure to diverse perspectives from educational frameworks and the latest concepts in formal and informal education. It provides pedagogic, instructional, and managerial tools adapted to complex environments and how to apply them, along with research within the framework of the degree. One of the unique characteristics of Ono Academic College is the multiculturalism and the human diversity among both students and faculty members – something that makes it possible to provide an extraordinary learning environment in terms of both personal experience and exposure to non-academic content.
I Believe
Sari Hezi Graduate
This program opened new horizons for me in terms of professions, people, society, and culture. I made sure to apply the content I learned during my studies in my role and to experience the full range of practices. Thanks to the program, I am more focused and goal-oriented, letting me create meaningful learning.
I Believe
Limor Ben-Ari Graduate
The decision to pursue a master's degree was clear to me. Fortunately, I received much more than I had expected from my studies. First, the teaching staff, under Prof. Gila Kurtz at the time and then passed to Dr. Gila Levy Atzmon, was led by a strong hand to be the best in the field. It was truly amazing. The inclusion, listening, empathy, and infinite patience they showed aren't to be taken for granted in academia. The study contents were always at the top, latest, and most relevant level, and that has contributed a lot to me in my various positions and continues to do so.
I Believe
Dr. Carmella Igell Head of Special Education Specialization
Today, we are witnessing a major development across the entire field of education. Our students are more exposed to information than ever before, and the role of the educator is becoming more and more focused on specialization, instilling curiosity, motivation, and creating a discourse that stimulates critical thinking.
I Believe
Ravit Caesari Kindergarten Teacher, Master's student in education
Today, I run a kindergarten for developmentally disabled children. Even with 20 years of experience and seniority in my field, this program showed me that there is always something new to learn.

Our Program Graduates Speak

The program duration is one year and one semester.
Includes a concentrated study day each week in a hybrid format.
Students have opportunities for additional training in sought-after fields to expand their horizons.

More About the Program

  • This degree is recognized for professional advancement by the Ministry of Education
  • This degree is recognized by the Higher Education Council
  • This degree is eligible for tuition refunds
  • This degree offers the opportunity for a scholarship from the Teachers’ Union/Teachers’ Association/Kindergarteners’ Association

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