Program Highlights

Gain a bachelor's degree in behavioral sciences and a professional certificate from the Sharon Israel Center - the oldest and most professional center in Israel in the video therapy field.
Upon graduation, selected graduates will be able to work at the Sharon Israel Center. Thanks to a dedicated toolbox allowing them to consult and guide groups through video and film creation, they will also be able to integrate into education, treatment, and community settings.
The studies include practical experience in the classroom and a supervised practicum in the field.


Want to help people in crisis? Do you believe that people are capable of change? Have you felt the power of photography? Film creates and activates many emotions as a medium and is seen as a tool for strengthening treatment processes. Creating a script, filming, acting, and producing films are used as therapeutic, educational, and social means to help people in distress, crisis, or difficulty. Alongside the learning core theories, the program emphasizes practical experience in the field – both as videographers and as therapists. This is why many of the program’s graduates integrate easily into the job market in educational and community settings, both as therapists and instructors. They are known for making special use of the cinematic tools they acquired during their studies. The Video Therapy Center operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Education. They are an active partner in the National Program for Children and Youth at Risk, operate therapeutic and educational programs of the Social Services Office and the Ministry of National Security, and run more than 200 video therapy groups each year for participants across the country. To be successful in the training, no prior knowledge is necessary, and everything needed to develop the skills will be learned within the unique program.

The study program for the bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Sciences at Ono Academic College was built from the understanding of the special relationship between the behavioral sciences and the arts – and while examining the interrelationships between them and the behavior of the individual, society, and culture.


Among the subjects of study:

  • Cinematic Expression – an Introduction to the Components of the Video-Therapeutic Environment
  • Writing, Directing, and Producing Videos for Video Therapy
  • The Basics of Video Therapy
  • Video Editing as a Therapeutic Tool
  • Dynamic Guidance in the Film Production Environment
  • Therapeutic, Educational, and Community Intervention Through Video


Studying with the best lecturers:

  • Program Director: Dr. Daphna Liber
  • Head of the professional certificate: Sharon Israel
  • Dr. Hila Haelyon
  • Roy Goldberg
  • Dr. Tami Yaguri
  • Dr. Tsila Zan Bar
  • Dr. Rachel Hillel Avraham
  • Dr. Nitzan Almog
  • Dr. Revital Eitan
  • Avi Heller
  • Yael Sagi Matkalf
  • Yehuda Shohad
  • Dr. Sarah Da’as Iraki

Our Program Graduates Speak

The program combines theoretical and practical courses that deal with human behavior, a dimension that finds expression in the arts even when its daily performance is not of a verbal nature.

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