The School of Real Estate was established in 2018 with the aim of institutionalizing the real estate management profession as an academic field with unique characteristics. The vision of the School of Real Estate is that in the twenty-first century, the evolving field of real estate will be fully studied in academia. For this reason, we have built a step-by-step discipline with an orderly academic manner enabling the teaching and the transfer of knowledge in real estate to those seeking to engage in the field.

The Real Estate School operates under the auspices of the Ministry of Construction and Housing

Director of the School of Real Estate: Dr. Haim Zicherman

Below you can find short descriptions of some of Ono’s many Real Estate related programs.


Bachelor of Business Administration with a Specialization in Real Estate and Infrastructure 

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This unique track includes a comprehensive study of the real estate business field in four main areas: financial, planning, legal, and managerial. During a program spread over seven semesters, students study the entire real estate world step by step, with an eye toward becoming experts in the field.

The degree program includes choosing one of three focus areas:

  • Financial Focus: Real estate appraisers (including full recognition from the Real Estate Appraiser’s Board).
  • Management focus: Asset and property management.
  • Entrepreneurship Focus: Entrepreneurship and real estate marketing (including urban renewal and construction clearance).

Courses include: Planning and Construction Law, Contract and Property Law, Zero Report and Business Plan, Construction Licensing and Improvement Levy, Foreclosure and Liquidation Sharing, Real Estate Tax Law, Urban Planning, Mortgage Advice, Entrepreneurship and Real Estate Investments, and more.

Master’s Degree in Law – Specialization in Real Estate

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Almost every lawyer is involved in real estate work. However, most jurists do not have a formal education in this field. The master’s program is unique in Israeli academia, providing students with a master’s degree that includes in-depth specialization in the Israeli real estate world.

Courses include: Expropriation Law, Israeli Land Law, Planning and Construction Law, Execution of Real Estate Transactions Abroad, Real Estate Tax Law, Urban Renewal, Reading Building Plans, Advanced Property Law Issues, Economic Analysis and Threatening Aspects, and more.

As of 2021, the program:

  • Includes a certificate of study in civil law
  • Has a track for lawyers working in the public service.


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Mefalsim College

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Mefalsim College operates in collaboration with Israel’s Ministry of Construction and Housing by virtue of winning a tender in 2019. This unique program is designed to teach project management for the construction of residential neighborhoods.

The comprehensive curriculum is designed to provide students with complete and up-to-date engineering and professional knowledge in the field of project management relating to infrastructure development for residential neighborhoods. Great emphasis is placed on imparting practical engineering tools and creating a common language for the various roles in site management in order to lead processes at the project level while maximizing professionalism, integration, and resource savings. The curriculum is built according to the chronological order of the implementation process of the construction of a residential neighborhood, going through all stages of management, planning, execution, budget, schedules, and quality, all with the aim of providing order for project managers. The curriculum also includes aspects of managing and developing neighborhoods in the future. Issues such as smart cities and contract management in various methods are covered.

 Professional Manager: Engineer Eyal Amrusi.

Pre-requisites for admission to the course: Engineering background, practical engineers / civil engineers, practical experience in the field (project management/site management (residential neighborhood) / supervision).

Program framework:

The program is 250 hours, divided into two study semesters, and consists of a total of about 30 meetings once a week.


Diploma Studies in Real Estate

The School of Real Estate offers a number of certificate studies programs, including:

Urban Renewal

The program, delivered in collaboration with the Urban Renewal Authority, is a 50-hour course that includes comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge regarding Israeli urban renewal programs.

Come and learn about the changes and innovations in the hottest field of real estate entrepreneurship with the best lecturers in Israel.

The program includes:

  • Planning, licensing, and legislative procedures
  • Social and community aspects and tenant contracts
  • Economic aspects and taxation
  • Regulatory changes in the field
  • Barriers, opportunities, and risk management.


Video Series: The Road to Your First Apartment

The most important deal in our personal lives is the purchase of our residential apartment. The apartment purchase will affect a young couple’s next thirty years, and yet most couples do so without prior knowledge of the economic, real estate, and legal aspects.

In this series of videos, we have done your homework for you. We have prepared ten short videos, created by the best experts in Israel,  that present a “Guide for the Perplexed” for buyers of their first apartment.

Program Chapters:

  • Chapter One: Buying an Apartment This is a complex business –  Dr. Haim Zicherman – click here to view
  • Chapter Two: So What Exactly Are You Looking For? – Adv. Benny Dreyfus – click here to view
  • Chapter Three: Do Not Hurry! What to check before the transaction – Ms. Daniela Paz Erez – click here to view
  • Chapter Four: 1, 2 Sold: Negotiation Management – Mr. Dror Marmor – click here to view
  • Chapter Five: Who, What, How Much? Financial planning of the purchase of the apartment – Prof. Yaron Zelicha – click here to view
  • Chapter Six: When Will It End? A little about the mortgage – Dr. Edo Kalir – click here to view
  • Chapter Seven: The Legal Side of the Real Estate Transaction –  Adv. Ella Katz Sheinfeld – click here to view
  • Chapter Eight: Transaction Documents – Adv. Liron Kriegel – click here to view
  • Chapter Nine: Which Country – Taxes and Levies – Adv. Efrat Solomon – click here to view  
  • Chapter Ten: Protections for Buyers of a New Apartment – Amit Grady – click here to view


3rd Real Estate Lecture Series

In this third iteration of the real estate lecture series, we hosted senior figures in the Israeli real estate market who spoke to the students and the general public about their field of work and knowledge of the profession.

Series moderator: Mr. Ofer Petersburg, Real Estate Today

Below are links to the lectures:

  • Adv. Benny Dreyfus, Director General of Mifal Hapayis and former Director General of the Ministry of Construction and Housing | Lecture topic: Government Real Estate Policy – Click here
  • Mr. Amnon Merhav, CEO of the Builders of the Country Builders Association: On the barriers to planning and construction in Israel – Click here
  • Mr. Gadi Mark, Deputy Director General of Construction, Ministry of Construction and Housing: What are development costs? – Click here
  • Adv. Shlomi Heisler, Director of the Real Estate Registration and Settlement Authority: When the Corona met the “Tabo”- technological innovations in real estate registration – Click here
  • Adv. David Shani, Head of the Real Estate Registration and Settlement Division: Want to know how many land registry offices there are and where? What is the role of the Supervisor? And what does the institution of “Tabo” do to reduce real estate theft? – Click here


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