Ono Academic College is a leading academic institution that serves as a model for social change in Israel, as we work to create an integrative, multicultural and prosperous society.

Ono is committed to developing a faculty and community of graduates who are experts, valued and sought after in their fields, and who have the tools and passion to shape their personal environment and Israeli society as a whole.

We place the professional success of our students and their self-fulfillment at the center of the academic experience.  This commitment is reflected both in the development of our programs as well as in our focus on applied and social learning.

To achieve these goals, Ono Academic College engages in research and teaching with the spirit of leadership, innovation and social audacity.

Applied Academics

Ono Academic College’s programs aim to prepare students for the needs of the labor market in Israel, while providing practical and applied tools for the career they choose.


The Students Are at the Center

Ono Academic College’s faculty members are the best lecturers in their fields.

Ono is committed to giving each of its students the best administrative, personal and academic service. Ono’s campus has libraries, computer rooms and other advanced study facilities in order to optimize the learning experience.


Multicultural Academics

Ono Academic College was established based on the belief in the right of every person (of any gender, nationality, religion, community, origin, disability or sexual orientation), to receive an optimal academic education that will enable a life of freedom, self-fulfillment and striving for the happiness he or she seeks, personally and for the community.

As such, the faculty of the Ono Academic Campus and its students take great care to respect the culture of all who come to its gates and strongly oppose any manifestation of discrimination, teasing, exclusion, harassment or racism and any behavior that does not respect the other’s lifestyles or harms the multicultural nature of The campus


Academics of Excellence

Ono Academic College offers scholarships of academic excellence named after the late Major Aharon Katz. These scholarships were created to provide unique study options for outstanding candidates, with high admission scores or with a background of leadership and excellence in practice.


Social Academics

Ono Academic College continues to promote a commitment to the community and has even opened the gates of higher education to the social leadership of Israel’s many varied populations. Ono is the first institution of higher education that has introduced a requirment in all of its undergraduate programs for four academic hours of community service.

Ono Academic College is proud to be one of the leaders in the field of social change in the State of Israel and invites you to take part in these new types of academics, which combines higher education and social change.