Director of the Simulation Center: Dr. Orit Shlomzon

The Simulation Center, at Ono Academic College, is the only facility of its kind in the country.  The Center provides simulations of actual work environments in which skilled professionals can experience scenarios based on events that transpire in their vocation. This environment allows a large group of learners to learn skills in an efficient, personal, structured and safe manner without risk. The training is done through experimentation, observation, video-based group research and providing assessment to the trainees.

Objectives of the simulation center

The purpose of the simulation center is to enable the development and improvement of:

  • Professional skills
  • Critical thinking processes
  • Real-time decision-making and problem-solving processes

How does the simulation center work?

  • Experts in experiential and advanced learning – The simulation center’s training team of experts accompanies each organization in defining training objectives and adapting scenarios based on unique research-based models. Next, the trainees come to the center and perform training, during which, in addition to participating in the simulation, they also observe other trainees – as an integral part of an effective learning process. After the simulation, a group investigation is conducted, based on videotaped documentation. At the end of the process, each player gets a copy of his or her videotaped performance.
  • An innovative and technological center – The simulation center is a training facility based on advanced and dedicated technology, which allows simultaneous videography of all training rooms in real time and an debriefing software that allows marking of relevant sections of video for later discussion, while viewing several rooms at the same time.

Who is the simulation center for?

The center is designed for all professions that include skills and require the application of theoretical knowledge to practical environments, such as: lawyers, sales and marketing people, human resources managers and coordinators, production line managers and employees, doctors, therapists and more.

The training at the simulation center is suitable both for training new practitioners who will be entering the job market as well as for professional refresher courses designed to enhance and improve skills for experienced employees.

How to contact us?

Phone: 03-7382248.