Dr. Anan Abo Saleh Khawaled

Member of the Teaching Committee and Academic Mentor for "Atid" Group at Haifa Campus


Dr. Anan Abo Saleh Khawaled is a full-time lecturer, member of the teaching committee and,academic mentor for “Atid” groups at Ono’s Haifa campus. She also serves as a member of the board of directors of the Victimoogy Association.

Dr. Abo Saleh Khawaled was a social worker in the welfare departments for 11 years working in various positions including: social worker for girls in distress, coordinator of a home for girls, social worker for women and intake coordinator, welfare clerk for youth, comprehensive social worker. She also worked as a counselor for sex education, and as a social worker and caregiver for at risk children and youth In out-of-home settings for 10 years, She Dr. Abo Saleh Khawaled has served as director of the National Program for Children and Adolescents at Risk for 10 years, as a lecturer at the Ono Academic College, and as an instructor of teams and professionals in the fields of CBT and parental counselling.


Social Work, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, (2013)
Social Work, Tel Aviv University, (2005)
Social Work, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, (1997)

Teaching Areas

At risk children and youth, girls in distress, qualitative research, violence among girls and boys at risk (sexual abuse), group facilitation, gender, disabilities, social and developmental psychology, organizational diversity, organizational accessibility, psychopathology, seminars (youth at risk, inclusion and integration, informal education ).

Research interests

Violence in Arab society and especially among girls in distress, gender, children and youth at risk, multicultural society, girls at risk.