Scholarships at Ono Academic College

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Ono Academic College distributes more than NIS 50 million a year for scholarships and tuition assistance

Looking for scholarships and tuition assistance? You have come to the right place!

On behalf of Ono’s students, we have gathered the best scholarships and tuition assistance options. On this site, you will find extensive details on the variety of scholarships offered by Ono Academic College as well as scholarships from external bodies.



Ono Academic College’s Registration Department has coordinated many options available to you to receive a scholarship to help finance your studies.

These scholarships fall into three main categories:


  • Merit Scholarships
    Based on academic achievement
  • Ono Scholarships
    Need-based Scholarships provided by Ono Academic College. Ono’s Scholarship Committee meets twice a year to discuss applications submitted by students for need-based financial aid.
  • External Scholarships
    A variety of scholarships offered by external organizations based on different criteria.  Students are welcome to check which criteria they meet and then submit the relevant applications. 


At Ono’s Scholarship Administration, you can learn about the following kinds of scholarships available to you:

Scholarships for the security forces
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Scholarships by area of ​​residence
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Scholarships for the Druze and Arab sectors

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Scholarships for Ethiopian-Israelis
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Scholarship for Discharged Soldiers
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Scholarships for the ultra-Orthodox and national religious sectors
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Undergraduate scholarships
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Graduate scholarships
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Unconditional scholarships
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Collaboration with MilgaPo

Ono Academic College students receive a unique, exclusive, and significant discount from the scholarship submission service MilgaPo.

MilgaPo is the largest and most up-to-date scholarship site in Israel! The site has over 900 scholarships, and so far, more than 350,000 students have benefited from their excellent service, which includes: Personal scholarship adjustment, automatic submission of scholarships, close assistance regarding documents, regular scholarship updates, and a variety of other features!

You are welcome to register on the MilgaPo website for a free service that will find you suitable scholarships, as well as a paid service that will help you apply and improve your chances of winning a scholarship! For questions:

Ono Academic College offers a unique discount of NIS 100 for its students.  To redeem the benefit, visit the MilgaPo website and make an initial registration. Before making the payment, enter the Ono discount code, and you will receive a credit worth NIS 100 for the premium service on the website!

To the Milgapo website

Tuition Advisor for Ono Academic College Students

Ono Academic College, in collaboration with the Shachal Foundation, offers students tuition financing arrangements on unique terms and with a convenient payment schedule of up to 5 years.

  • Without costs
  • Without interest and linkage
  • No management fees

Every student is eligible for a loan.

* Approval of the loan is subject to the approval of the bank. For more information, you can call 03-9635856