Program Highlights

Learn from a team of lecturers who are true experts in the field, led by Dr. Carmella Igell
Students can obtain a variety of certificates during studies, including adapted teaching expert, didactic diagnostician, and training parents of children with disabilities (in cooperation with the Nitzan Association)
Opportunity to extend studies to include a certificate for special education, either during studies or afterward


Who is it suitable for?

Anyone who is committed to providing the best in education for individuals with special needs using modern tools and skills can take advantage of the master’s degree in education with a specialization in special education program at Ono Academic College.

The world of education has been experiencing an ongoing transition over recent years. New approaches to special education focus on integrating children with special needs into standard education frameworks, and that requires a new set of education professionals with modern skills.

As a result, teachers specializing in special education are in high demand at schools and other facilities across the country. Additional roles, such as integration coordinators and other specialists, are also needed to make these programs a success.

Graduates of the master’s degree in education with a specialization in special education program at Ono Academic College have the skills and experience to lead and support the integration of students with special needs. They make it possible for every student to experience success in the education system.

The program provides students with the latest knowledge in the field and helps them develop a comprehensive understanding of students and their needs. The nature of disabilities, education levels, emotional and social needs, and family background are all key areas of focus.

Program students also develop the necessary tools to support and guide both students with special needs and their parents during integration into the education system and their community. Graduates are prepared to run a variety of programs for students with special needs.

The curriculum is delivered by expert lecturers who are leaders in the field of special education.

As part of a collaboration with the Nitzan Association, students are also offered certificate courses as part of the curriculum: adapted teaching expert, didactic diagnostician, and training parents of children with disabilities

     Among the subjects of study:

  • Communicating with Families of Children with Special Needs – Approaches to Working with Parents
  • The Role of Multidisciplinary Teams in the Integration of People with Special Needs
  • Autism – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Communicative Aspects
  • Learning Memory and Language
  • Bibliotherapy as a Tool for Dealing with Problems and Conflicts
  • Verbal and Cognitive Aspects in an Intervention Program for Language, Speech, Hearing, and Communication Impairments, and more

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Skills you'll have after graduating

What skills will I acquire during my studies?

  • Managing a class that includes students with special needs
  • Managing multi-professional teams in the integration process
  • Providing parental guidance
  • Building personalized curriculums for individual students
  • Developing a support system for the integration of students with special needs into the education system

What career opportunities does this degree offer?

  • Expert teacher in special education
  • Integration coordinator at schools and other facilities
  • Manager of a community support center
I Believe
Dr. Carmella Igell Head of the program
Today, we are witnessing major developments across the entire field of education. Our students now have exposure to more sources of information than ever, and the role of the educator is increasingly focused on specialization, instilling curiosity and motivation, and creating a discourse that stimulates critical thinking.
I Believe
Moran Ben Tora Graduate
Studies at Ono Academic College are at a very high level, delivered by the best lecturers who all have huge hearts. Humanity, listening, and inclusiveness aren't just words there. In general, they even made remote study through Zoom a warm experience with plenty of personal experience.
I Believe
Nadine Talia Lugasi Graduate
If there is something that stood out more than anything during this period of studies, it is the support we all received from the teaching staff. The lecturers made sure we didn't get confused along the way and equipped us with the best tools and standards to overcome any obstacle.
I Believe
Ravit Yarkoni Graduate
At Ono, I learned a new approach – the modesty of expertise. I was privileged to join my fellow students in this program, where we developed new knowledge, learned to see things differently, changed habits, and built an understanding of how words shape our reality and that there's no limit to what we can achieve.

Our Program Graduates Speak

The program requires one concentrated study day per week
Students can access our simulation center that enables practical fieldwork experience in multiple situations
The program prepares graduates to face the complex challenges that come with integration and support for children with special needs in the education system
The degree is recognized for scholarships from the Teachers' Union/Teachers' Association/Kindergarteners' Association

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