Program Highlights

Practical experience in educational institutions, in the public and business sectors, on open avenue to many realms of employment
Study an in-demand profession with high employment rates with the help of lecturers who know how to answer every question
Preparation for a varied and rewarding profession with an average salary of NIS 15,000 per training developer


What is learning and training development?

The world is moving at a fast pace and is constantly changing, and in order to stay updated and relevant, we all need to learn new things.


Employees regularly have to gain new skills and knowledge when they start a new role, when technology evolves, when business pivots, and many other scenarios. 

This is where having a skilled training developer on your side comes in handy. It’s their job to present new information to employees in an engaging, clear, and efficient way. 

In addition, training developers help to inform sales or service methods, prevent harassment in the workplace, and safeguard against cyber attacks. The role is truly extensive and a highly coveted position in the workforce.


Training developers create a variety of products for employees and customers, such as workshops, explanatory presentations, training videos, tutorials, practice games, learning websites, and more.
You don’t need to know programming or graphic design to become a training developer.

Learning developers will also be able to integrate into educational institutions and help teachers to use digital tools in the classroom for an optimal learning experience

Who is it suitable for?

If you can convey knowledge in an exciting way, and others often compliment your innate curiosity and love for working with others – a bachelor’s degree in Education and Social Sciences with Specialization in Learning Development and Training with Digital Integration is the path for you.

The degree does not require a background in computers or programming!

The field of training development is growing rapidly as more and more organizations seek to deliver training and workshops to their employees for professional and personal development. Educational institutions must also align with the 21st century and integrate learning technologies into teaching.

As a result, in recent years learning and training developers have become central and sought-after positions, and many organizations seek to recruit those with relevant knowledge and training in the field.

Degree graduates integrate as digital learning coordinators, ICT implementers, and online lesson developers into educational institutions. They also integrate into public and business organizations by developing courses and workshops for employee training and creating customer training environments.

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A bachelor’s degree in Education and Social Sciences with Specialization in Learning Development and Training with Digital Integration prepares students to develop effective training and learning solutions for business organizations and educational institutions.

The program includes practical experience in educational institutions and business and government organizations alongside theoretical studies. This allows students to get firsthand industry experience, acquire unique knowledge and create an impressive portfolio. These give them a significant advantage over other candidates in integrating into various positions in the industry.

In addition to the bachelor’s degree diploma (B.A.), the students will receive professional certificates:

  • “Specialist for Distance Learning and Training” Certificate
  • “Digital Learning Environments Designer” Certificate

Among the organizations where the practical experience takes place:


Skills you will acquire and career options in the field

What skills will I acquire during my studies?

  • Using digital tools to create effective training
  • Teaching and training through the integration of digital games
  • Implementation of learning technologies in companies and organizations
  • Designing advanced learning environments
  • Use of graphic-visual techniques to convey messages
  • Integration of interactive multimedia and user experience design in learning and training processes
  • Planning a lesson structure in combination with learning technologies


In what positions can you integrate?

A bachelor’s degree in Education and Social Sciences with Specialization in Learning Development and Training with Digital Integration allows graduates to enter the workforce in a variety of positions:

  • A developer of courses and workshops combined with digital tools for training employees in the private and public sector
  • Learning planning for training employees in the private and public sector
  • A developer of customer training environments for using the company’s products and services
  • A developer of online courses within training companies
  • Digital learning coordinator in schools and youth boarding schools
  • Making the digital world accessible to Special Populations (nursing homes, at-risk youth centers, education for those with special needs, etc.)
  • ICT implementers and learning instructors in schools
  • A developer of digital learning units in community centers
  • A developer of online classes in educational organizations (Ministry of Education, education departments in local authorities, schools, etc.)
I Believe
Dr. Dovi Weiss Head of the program for the development of digital learning and training
We are living in the era of information. We have never had more access to information, but it's those who possess the skills to easily obtain information and impart this newfound knowledge to others that will be highly valued in the workforce.

Our Program Graduates Speak

"The Ono Academic College gave me the required tools and skills to become a learning and training developer. The degree gave me the space to express myself, understand, and learn in the most comprehensive way. The classes are very practical and interesting, the faculty is super supportive; you really feel like much more than a number in the classroom."
Ron Battat
"A bachelor's degree can be a big decision; three years of learning and working professionally. At the same time, I'm glad that I chose Ono Academic College. There's always someone to turn to, and you're never left without an answer. The teaching staff is professional, patient, and supportive! And most importantly, I will leave with professional certificates and experience in training development and digital learning."
Stav Keha
"The decision to study at Ono Academic College, and in particular the choice of the training development with digital integration, happened during my confused period, freshly discharged from the army. Despite this, this decision turned out to be the right one for me, and I'm so glad this is the way everything turned out. The teaching staff are interesting and supportive but still challenge you. The program allowed me to get to know the world of education, allowing me to work closely in many of the interests I had when I was little."
Hili Rozental

More About the Program

  • Practical experience that includes creating a diverse portfolio
  • The program includes two study days a week, allowing you to combine work and studies
  • Possibility of study assistance and facilitation as needed by the Center for Academic Support and Accessibility

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