Program Highlights

Psychodrama is a therapeutic method based on the mind in action (psycho-mind, drama-action). So instead of talking about things, you’re doing things. Through the scenes presented on the stage in "Here and Now," in verbal and non-verbal ways, it is possible to experience repressed emotions, recover from unresolved situations, internal dramas, fantasies, dreams, coping options, examine significant relationships, and more.
Psychodrama spurs great involvement from its participants. This helps them dismantle some of their ineffective defenses and discover conflicts and hindering difficulties, aiming to find alternative ways of action that will lead to change and improvement of self-worth and the quality of relationships.
Through the dramatic action, psychodrama enables locating the sources of spontaneity, expanding the repertoire of roles (conscious and unconscious) that a person plays in their life, and the ability to observe reality also through the eyes of someone else while being open to different points of view and processing issues experientially and creatively.

More About the Program

The format of the studies

1. The master’s degree program in psychodrama therapy will occur over a two-year period.

2. Opening of the school year: October 2023.

3. Study format:

  • First-year – Mondays, a day of studies and, in addition, half a day of practical training.
  • Second year – One day of studies and, in addition, about two days of practical training.

4. Another intensive course will be held in the second year.

5. The third year for therapists will be held in accordance with the professional outline as enacted by the Knesset.

The practical training is expected to be 960 hours (about four days of practical training per week).


– There may be changes in the composition and the curriculum subject to the approval of the legislation in the field.

– The Ono Society and Arts School reserves the right to change the curriculum, activity location, and study days.

For details and registration, contact 03-7207150

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