Program Highlights

Broaden your career horizons to pursue a wide range of managerial positions throughout public organizations.
Learn from top lecturers in the field with the latest knowledge and insight that only comes from years of practical experience.
Earn a degree that combines both theoretical and practical knowledge in a way that prepares you for the challenges you'll face in the rapidly changing field of education management.


Head of the program: Dr. Miri Goldratt


Who is it suitable for?

Individuals in diverse careers throughout the public sector and both formal and informal education can develop the skills and qualifications they need to pursue managerial positions in their field through our master’s degree in education program with a specialization in educational systems management and organization.

We live in an era of constant change, where the education landscape and established systems are evolving rapidly. To face these new challenges, educational system administrators need tools and skills adapted to education in the 21st century.

Graduates of this program are equipped to lead organizations throughout the field of education, make management decisions with a complete understanding of the organization and its employees, and work toward optimal management practices within their organization.


Our master’s degree in education with a specialization in educational systems management and organization program combines theoretical studies with active and experiential learning, including analyzing real-world events and roleplaying education administration scenarios.


Among the subjects of study:

  • Organizational Development in Education Systems
  • The Role of Principals and the Relationship Between Schools and Communities
  • Team Management – Multidisciplinary Team Collaboration in Education
  • Selected Topics in the Economics of Education
  • Legal Aspects in Education
  • Psychological Aspects in Education Management 
  • Education and Society in the 21st Century
  • ICT and Innovations in Learning
  • Brain Consciousness and Learning

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Skills you'll develop during your studies

  • Management of multidisciplinary teams
  • Decision-making in uncertain situations
  • Negotiations with various parties that interface with your organization
  • Budget management
  • Conflict resolution
I Believe
Dr. Miri Goldratt Head of the program
The combination of theoretical and practical knowledge provides educational leadership professionals with vision and purpose, along with the courage and skills to fulfill them. Joining formal and informal education together isn't just a dream – you can do more than you realize with what you have!
I Believe
Yasmin Melhem Graduate
I acquired a lot of tools during my studies and have applied them in my work as a Hebrew language teacher.
I Believe
Peter Druker
Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.

Our Program Graduates Speak

One concentrated study day per week
The program faculty, headed by Dr. Miri Goldratt, is made up of academics and researchers with extensive academic and administrative experience in the education system
Ono Academic College is home to a modern simulation center that provides practical fieldwork experience in a controlled environment
The degree program is recognized for scholarships from the Teachers' Union/Teachers' Association/Kindergarteners' Association

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