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Prof. Shlomo Noy, President of Ono Academic College

Prof. Yaron Zelikha, President of the Supreme Academic Council, Head of the Accounting Specialization

Ranan Hartman, Founder and CEO of Ono Academic College
Prof. Shmuel Hauser, Vice President for Research
Dr. Rivi Cohen, Vice President 

Dr.  Sharbel Shukier, Vice President for Development
Prof. Yuval Elbashan, Dean of Jerusalem Multi-Cultural
Prof. Arie Gavious, Dean of the School of Business
Prof. Shlomo Noy, Dean of the School of Health
Prof. Tova Hartman, Dean of the School of
Prof. Shira Yalon-Chamovitz, Dean of Students and Director of the Institute for Academic Equality
Rami Hadadi, Deputy Director
Amir Aasi, Director of the Arab Sector Administration
Dr. Samuel Schwartz, Director of Resource Development, Assitant Dean of Students (Netanya)
Ms. Revital (Ezra) Glazer, Director of
Ms. Osnat Goren, Director of Human
Ms. Malkit Almagor, Deputy Director of Planning
Mr. Gil Reshef, Director of the Haifa
Ms. Judy Arad, Director of Foreign
Ms. Riva Hartman, Director of the Purchasing
Ms. Sari Rosenbaum, Director of the Career Guidance and Management
Adv. Maya Hauser, Vice President of Student
Ms. Ayala Reshef, Spokeswoman and Director of Marketing
Mr. Yishai Katz Sheinfeld, VP of
Mr. Oren Laufer, Head of Computing, ICT and
Mr. Shlomi Mordechai, VP of
Mr. Yossi Srur, Director of
Mr. Ronen Gurevich, VP of Logistics
Rabbi Yechezkel Fogel, Chairman of the Haredi
Tali Ron, C.PA.,
Rabbi Moshe Reiss, Head of Religious Zionism
Adv. Yuval Tanuri, VP of Staff and
Ms. Tami Shorin Yahel, VP of Registration and
Adv. Ze’ev Kaso, Director of the Program for Ethiopian Student Academic
Ms. Tova Markovitz, Director of Jerusalem Campus