Program Highlights

Personal attention given for placement in practical training starting from the first year of degree studies, as part of a collaboration with schools for children and teenagers at the Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center and the Abarbanel Mental Health Center
The only program in Israel that emphasizes music therapy in health care systems - hospitals, psychiatric institutions, and more
Learn from the best - This program is the result of a collaboration between the best school in Israel in the arts therapies and the best school in Israel in music – Ono’s School of Society and the Arts (continuing the tradition of Lesley), and the Ono School of Music


Program Director:  Dr. Gabi Frank

The Master’s Degree in Music Therapy combines theoretical studies in the fields of psychology and psychotherapy with practical field work training accompanied by a supervisor that takes place in public settings starting from the first year of studies.

During the first two years of the program students will study one concentrated day of study per week plus field work .The third year of study is dedicated to advanced training with up to three days a week of field work and another half day of study on campus.

The program is recognized by the Ministry of Health,  and the Israeli Higher Council for Creative Arts Therapies of the Israeli Association for Creative Arts Therapies. The Council for Higher Education approved opening the program and registration. Award of the final degree is contingent on CHE approval.


Among the program’s subjects of study:

  • Psychodynamic Aspects in Music Therapy
  • Music Therapy in Healthcare Systems
  • Approaches and Models in Music Therapy
  • Diagnosis and Assessment in Music Therapy
  • Group Dynamics in Music Therapy
  • Songwriting in Music Therapy
  • Improvisation with Musical Instruments in Music Therapy
  • Voice Improvisation in Music Therapy
  • Learning a Secondary Instrument – Piano
  • Introduction to Music Therapy: Music as a Therapeutic Tool
  • Arts and Human Development
  • The Group – Theories and Skills in Music Therapy
  • Seminar: Music Therapy in Diverse Populations
  • Seminar: Arts-Based Qualitative Research
  • Training in Practical Work


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Who is the program for?

If music is an integral part of your life, if you have a bachelor’s degree and your dream is to provide therapy with the help of the therapeutic tools embodied by music, then a  Master’s Degree in Music Therapy is for you.

Music, beyond the simple pleasures it provides every individual, is an effective therapeutic tool that helps in dealing with various challenges and needs, among a multitude of different populations: children, youth and adults alike.

The advantage of music lies in being a tool that allows the client to express his or her self and go through an emotional, mental, cognitive and physical process, without the need for verbal communication.

Graduates of the Master’s Degree in Music Therapy work as music therapists for children, youth or adults, in a variety of public settings (Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Defense, Prison Service, Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), hospitals, and in private clinics.

I Believe
Dr. Gabi Frank Director, M.A. in Music Therapy program
Social and cultural changes, as well as technological developments in digital media, have created far-reaching alterations in the profession of music therapy in recent years. Our students learn about these changes and developments and their impact on the professional identity of the contemporary music therapist. The program teaches a deep understanding of traditional therapy methods and techniques, alongside sensitivity to social and cultural values, knowledge of contemporary musical styles and types, and an integration of all of these elements together.

Our Program Graduates Speak

One concentrated day of study a week
At the completion of studies, graduates receive a practical training certificate that enables them to work as music therapists in the public sector (Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Defense, Prison Service, Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO’s), hospitals, and in private clinics.
The studies are recognized as professional development hours for teaching staff in the New Horizon (Ofek Hadash) program

More About the Program

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are the pre-requisite courses required by the Ministry of Health to begin the program offered at Ono Academic College?

Certainly. You can register to take the pre-requisite courses in music and psychology at Ono. For more information, you can contact the department secretariat.

  • Is the program recognized by Israel’s Council of Higher Education (CHE)?

Yes, Ono’s Master’s degree in Music Therapy is recognized for registration by the Israel Council of Higher Education (CHE).  Awarding the final degree is contingent on CHE approval. It is also recognized by the Medical Council, the Ministry of Health and the Israeli Higher Council for Creative Arts Therapies of the Israeli Association for Creative Arts Therapies.

  • What employment options do program graduates have?

Music therapy has become a sought-after profession in recent years, with many public institutions seeking to add music therapists to their ranks, for the treatment of children, youth, adults and special populations.

Therapists who have gained experience in the public system often later join established private practices or open up their own clinics.

  • When does the program start?

The Master’s degree in Music Therapy opens every year.  This year the registration period for the program takes place in February.

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