Program Highlights

Earn both a degree in Behavioral Sciences and a certificate, allowing you to work at the end of your studies in various fields of treatment and counseling with diverse populations.
Starting from the first year, students will learn how to integrate the dog as a partner in treatment, acquire skills that will help establish a relationship between the dog and the patient, and more.
Years of experience in nurturing and growing canine-assisted therapists. The experience is supported by professional and personal guidance from Dog Art, the leading and most experienced college in Israel's dog breeding and education field.


A dog is not only a man’s best friend but also a partner in therapeutic processes that help children, teenagers, and adults deal with the hardships they experience. A dog is a partner in the treatment and counseling process that helps to make a difference in people’s lives. The therapist’s work is carried out in front of patients who apply due to problems of attention and concentration disorders, social anxiety, emotional coping with social difficulties, integration, rehabilitation, and more. To be successful in the training, no prior knowledge is necessary, and everything needed to develop the skills will be learned within the unique program. The practical experience is carried out at the kennel in Kfar Ma’as on Thursdays.

The study program for the bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Sciences at Ono Academic College was built from the understanding of the special relationship between the behavioral sciences and the arts – and while examining the interrelationships between them and the behavior of the individual, society, and culture. The program deals with human behavior and is expressed on three parallel levels: the individual (psychology), society (sociology), and culture (anthropology).


Among the subjects of study:

  • Anthropology and Israeli Society
  • Ethics in Mental Therapy
  • The World of Canine-Assisted Therapy
  • The Therapeutic Team Consists of a Therapist and a Dog
  • Domestication and Co-Evolution with Dogs
  • Therapy Dog Training – Puppies in Training
  • Introduction to Canine-Assisted Therapy
  • The Well-Being of the Therapy Dog – Inside and Outside the Treatment Room
  • Behaviors Compatible with Therapeutic Activities
  • Personal Dog Training – Behaviors, Discipline
  • Treatment with the Help of Dogs in Different Populations/Pathologies


Studying with the best lecturers:

  • Program Director: Dr. Daphna Liber
  • Head of the professional certificate: Dror Barel
  • Dr. Hila Haelyon
  • Dr. Tami Yaguri
  • Dr. Tsila Zan Bar
  • Dr. Adina Portovitz
  • Yael Sagi Matkalf
  • Dr. Odaya Barkan
  • Roy Goldberg
  • Shelly Talisman
  • Dr. Rachel Hillel Avraham
  • Dr. Nitzan Almog
  • Gal Kalei
  • Daria Stutland
I Believe
Dror Barel Head of the certification program
Canine-assisted therapy is one of the most sought-after and fastest-growing professional fields in the therapeutic world. This field is intended for people who love dogs, and no less love people, are therapeutically oriented individuals who are interested in helping and supporting patients in the therapeutic process. The combination of the degree in Behavioral Sciences and canine-assisted therapy gives you the tools to work in a satisfying, challenging, and creative job, which allows you to integrate into a therapeutic team and continually grow and develop your professional skills.

Our Program Graduates Speak

The program combines theoretical and practical courses that deal with human behavior, a dimension that finds expression in the arts even when its daily performance is not of a verbal nature.
As part of the program, you will learn from the first year how to integrate the dog as a partner in treatment, acquire skills that will help create a relationship between the dog and the patient, and more.

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