Program Highlights

A unique initiative offered only by Ono Academic College.
The program is designed to bring about real change for Ethiopian Jews by providing access to higher education in professional fields that will enable individuals to integrate into the labor market in Israeli society while also developing personal and social leadership.
Ono Academic College introduced this program to promote higher education and social leadership for Ethiopian-Jewish students over 20 years ago.

More About the Program

Employment Opportunities for Program Graduates

Our program has already seen many students successfully complete their studies and find fulfilling professional employment in diverse fields. Some notable graduate success stories include:

  • Elias Inbaram – Former spokesman at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Adv. Avi Tagaya – Legal advisor at the Registrar of Companies
  • Ms. Ziona Yeshayahu – Director of Customer Service at Bank Hapoalim
  • Adv. Pnina Tamno – Minister of Immigration and Absorption
  • Aden Melsa – Attorney and the first female police officer and head of the Ethiopian Jews section
  • Amir Gethon – Chief accountant of the Ministry of Tourism
  • Moti Kinda – Manager of the business division of Bank Leumi
  • Attorney Daniel Bicha – Legal advisor at the Prime Minister’s Office
  • Shlomo Mola – Former member of parliament
  • Attorney Rachel Melda – Legal Advisor at the Phoenix Insurance Company
  • Meir Essers – Vice President of Investments and Bank Leumi’s Employees’ Rewards and Compensation Fund
  • Michael Beidglin – Attorney and Appointed Attorney at the Police Claims Division
  • Rachel Makonen – Lecturer at the Faculty of Human Resources at Ono Academic College
  • Hana Tesma – Head of Human Resources Administration in Tax Authority
  • Avi Bitao – Attorney with an independent office
  • Yiftach Farda – Business Development Manager at the Business Division of Bank Leumi
  • Tal Chakol – Attorney Owner of an independent attorney’s office
  • Attorney Liz Melsa – Registration of enforcement
  • Attorney General Yesh Yasso – Head of the consciousness and open section in the police
  • Attorney Inspector Michael Bidglin – Claims department in the police
  • And many others


Student duty toward society and the community,

As part of the study program at Ono Academic College, students are required to volunteer 2 hours per week during the first year of study to contribute to society and the community. This activity gives the student 4 credits against extracurricular courses.

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