Ono Academic College’s School of Law is the largest such faculty in Israel. Ono’s unique program not only prepares the student to work as an attorney. It also develops comprehension skills, diction, negotiation, and the ability to refine accurate insights. It provides the knowledge and tools necessary for every citizen to exercise his or her rights in society.

Advantages of Ono’s Law School

  • Practical job training during the course of degree studies – The Ono Legal Clinic Center for Social Justice: The Ono Legal Clinic Center for Social Justice provides pro bono legal aid in a variety of different fields. The Clinic Center offers students opportunities to work with a broad span of public entities, such as police, the Knesset (parliament), judges, labor courts, psychiatric and medical law, and (financial) execution office and acquire extensive and comprehensive legal experience while they study. The goal of the legal clinics is to instill future attorneys with sensitivity to cases of injustice and heighten their involvement in society and community, using the multicultural experience and legal tools they acquire when they provide legal aid. Students at the Ono Legal Clinic Center for Social Justice receive the unique opportunity to learn firsthand how legal cases are handled from beginning to end and gain experience that adds to their legal knowledge. Providing legal clinic services is one of the building blocks to social change that is at the center of the Ono Academic College mission.
  • Mentorship from Israel’s most well known and successful lawyers: Here is a testimonial from Dr. Jonathan Shiman, Attorney, Gornitzky & Co.: “Prof. Zohar Goshen and Dr. Gil Siegel were my mentors throughout my studies. They took care to challenge me and shaped my professional path as a jurist. Thanks to them, I continued and was accepted for a master’s degree and later for a doctorate at the University of Virginia, among the best universities in the world.”
  • Convenient Schedule: A choice between a morning, evening or combined track.

Degree Programs

  • LLB Bachelor’s Degree in Law
  • LLM Master’s Degree in Law with Real Estate Major
  • MA in Law for those without LLB degrees

List of School Deans

  • The late Prof. Michael Corinaldi
  • Prof. Gabriela Shalev
  • Prof. Dudi Schwartz
  • Prof. Amichai Cohen
  • Prof. Yuval Elbashan
  • Dr. Elad Finkelstein