Program Highlights

Study with top experts in these growing fields and professionals in leading positions in Israel and the world.
Study while continuing family life and full-time work with hybrid studies requiring one evening a week and a third semester carried out through Zoom.
Those certified through this program are entitled to an LL.M. diploma and an additional Privacy Officer certificate (CPO).


Why choose this specialization?

“The digital age has now become an integral part of leading a life of commerce, economics, and law.

In a reality where autonomous systems driven by artificial intelligence are penetrating the fields of commerce, medicine, art, transportation, and warfare, where commerce and communication are conducted using the internet and blockchain platforms, and where smart contracts and digital currencies are replacing traditional commercial-legal tools – questions arise regarding the readiness of the legal world and law students to deal with commercial and legal issues with tools created before these innovations became dominant.

The program is designed to impart knowledge on the impact of the technological revolution on the world of law, focusing on commercial law and innovation, and imparting legal tools to face these new challenges, along with deepening research and encouraging creative and critical thinking.” – Prof. Shlomit Yanisky-Ravid, Head of the Program

This program prepares students to integrate into and lead in the field of high-tech, which tops attorney salary charts and expands the field of commercial law. This degree is relevant to many business fields, including contracts, torts, companies, labor, and more. It prepares lawyers for the internet age and for legal work related to the high-tech industry.


What will you learn in this program?

Some of the unique courses that will be taught alongside standard courses and seminars for master’s degree studies in law include:

Privacy laws in the digital age, international law and innovation, NFTs and blockchain, smart contracts, digital currencies, accompanying start-ups, intellectual property challenges in the age of the internet and social networks, cryptographic assets and regulation, cybercrime, and more.

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Study with top lecturers in their fields

The program is headed by Prof. Shlomit Yanisky-Ravid, associate professor, head of the master’s degree program and research, and co-chairman of the Committee for Advanced Studies at the Faculty of Law.

Prof. Shlomit Yanisky-Ravid is the founder and academic director of the Shalom Institute for Comparative Research and the Eliyahu Center for Law and Technology at Ono Academic College. She is a research fellow at Yale University and head of the CLIP Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Center at Fordham University.

Prof. Shlomit Yanisky-Ravid’s latest research deals with the challenges of the digital age with a focus on artificial intelligence (AI) systems, blockchain platforms, cyberspace, privacy, and competition, from ethical and theoretical perspectives and while examining comparative and international aspects.

She works in collaboration with international institutions, among them the World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO, the Oxford Center for Competition Law and Policy, and NYU, and was noted by the US Copyright Office as the leader in the field of copyright and artificial intelligence.

Dr. Elad Finkelstein, Dean of the Faculty of Law. Expert in contract law and dispute resolution, and legal aspects of blockchain and smart contracts.

Dr. Milly Perry is the chairman of the Blockchain Center at the Bureau of Information Technologies and a leader in the Israeli fintech community. She serves as a member of expert groups and advisory committees at the World Economic Forum WEF, the European Blockchain Association EBA, the European Blockchain Applications Association INATBA, and the ISO international standards organization on blockchain policy issues.

Dr. Gitit Gur Gershgoren is a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Business Administration at the Ono Academic College and serves as chair of the Committee to Examine Regulation of the Issuance of Decentralized Cryptographic Currency to the Public. She previously held the position of Chief Economist of the Securities Authority.

Dr. Lital Helman specializes in the areas of intellectual property and law, and technology. Her research interests include privacy laws in social networks, financing of entrepreneurship in the high-tech world, patents and blockchain, copyright and new technologies, and technology regulation.

Rabbi Prof. Ron Kleinman specializes in the areas of defamation and freedom of speech in the digital age, on the internet and social networks, tort law, and Hebrew law. His research deals with these fields and the interface between all three. Israeli chairman of The Jewish Law Association.

Dr. Hadas Tamam, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration at the Ono Academic College and head of the Institute for Cyber Risk Management, Dr. Tamam is involved in the management of cyber crises in Israel and abroad.

Dr. Jonathan Shiman specializes in the field of corporate law with a focus on technology companies and has extensive practical experience as an attorney at Gornitzky & Co. law firm accompanying start-up companies. Serves as legal advisor to Restart Global.


All classes are recorded on video and uploaded to the program website.

Skills and career opportunities after graduation

Skills you’ll develop:

  • Accompanying start-up companies from the very start with written agreements and legal assistance.
  • Assessing and handling privacy in company conduct, workplaces, transactions, and publications.
  • Providing legal support for commercial transactions, including in marketing on the internet and social networks.
  • Advising organizations on what is and what is not prohibited in commercial transactions.
  • Advanced ability to deal with cyber risks and intellectual property considerations.
  • Handling local and international investments, including those concerning investors.
  • Knowledge of commercial regulation in the field of finance.


Career opportunities:

  • Lawyer in the high-tech sector (the field with the highest salaries today)
  • Joining high-tech ventures as legal counsel
  • Employment in commercial law firms or offices at the forefront of innovation
  • Legal departments in established companies
  • Leading firms in high-tech and intellectual property
I Believe
Prof. Shlomit Yanisky-Ravid Head of the Department
In the era we live in, it is mandatory for every commercial attorney to acquire knowledge and legal tools to face the challenges of innovation and lead the legal field instead of being left behind. In a reality where contracts become smart, buying and purchasing of services and products takes place on the internet and social networks, and payment is made in digital currencies, questions of legal responsibility, ownership and the right to privacy, and other rights arise. Are you ready for a redesign of legal questions in commercial law? Would you like to integrate as lawyers in the prestigious high-tech field? Maintain professional relevance and understand more? If so, you've come to the right place.

Our Program Graduates Speak

The program directed by Prof. Shlomit Yanisky-Ravid, a globally renowned expert, offers a rare chance to engage with the most current insights in the realm of technology and high-tech law. The curriculum is handled by the foremost experts from Israel and around the world, providing an environment where we can delve deep into the contemporary topics dominating discussions today, including the pervasive influence of artificial intelligence. In this era, where discussions on artificial intelligence and its ramifications are omnipresent, we, as students, are endowed with the understanding and expertise to navigate the existing complexities in the field owing to the proliferation of AI technology. More importantly, we are being equipped with the abilities to face the challenges that are yet to emerge in the coming years. For me, undergoing this program has been an enriching journey, opening doors to specialize in a niche where only a handful of legal professionals have the acumen to address the pertinent legal issues effectively.
Yifat Meirovitz Yefet
Environmental consultant, member of the Rishon LeZion City Council, deputy mayor and head of the sustainability office
I earned my undergraduate degree in electronic engineering from Tel Aviv University. Following several years working in the military, I decided to explore my longstanding interest in the legal field by enrolling in law studies at Ono Academic College. Initially, my motivation was purely curiosity; I had no intention of practicing law professionally. However, as I neared the end of my bachelor's degree, I pursued an internship, which eventually led me to take the bar exam. At the age of 50, I became a certified lawyer, a role I have embraced and enjoyed daily for the past 14 years, with a focus mainly but not exclusively on litigation. Though I found fulfillment in my work, I began to seek a new intellectual challenge as I found the material increasingly familiar. This sparked my interest in pursuing a master's degree in law, albeit with reservations about balancing studies with full-time work and family commitments. My apprehension diminished when I learned of a new master's program at Ono Academic College, emphasizing commercial law, technology, high-tech, and startups. The rich curriculum instantly piqued my interest, compelling me to reach out to the program head, Prof. Shlomit Yanisky-Ravid. After our conversation, all my doubts disappeared, encouraging me to enroll. Now in my third semester of the four-semester program, I have not regretted my decision for even a moment. The course content is not only fascinating but also incredibly relevant, delving into the legal dimensions of technological advancements such as virtual currencies, smart contracts, establishing startups, defamation, and intellectual property in this tech-savvy age. A notable aspect of the curriculum is the exploration of the yet undefined legal facets of artificial intelligence technology. The faculty comprises experts and renowned leaders in their respective fields, both from Israel and globally, offering invaluable insights and guidance. I am confident that anyone with a curiosity to expand their understanding of the pressing issues in today's tech-driven world will find this program profoundly satisfying. If you're contemplating this educational journey, I urge you to stop hesitating and sign up.
Raz Ben-Arzi, Adv.
After earning your bachelor's degree in law, where you've gained a foundational understanding of our legal system, the logical next step is to pursue a master's degree. Specializing in commercial, high-tech, and technology law will place you at the cutting edge of legal practice, partnering with the most innovative technology companies that are shaping the future. This advanced study offers not only theoretical insights but hands-on experience, merging knowledge of evolving regulations and judicial rulings with practical field experience. This synthesis equips you with a unique perspective, preparing you to contribute meaningfully to the global effort in shaping the future landscape through technology. The program, orchestrated under the guidance of Prof. Shlomit Yanisky-Ravid, leverages her expansive network to offer you access to lectures delivered by the world's top experts from the USA and Europe. These sessions, both in-person and international ones facilitated with translations, ensure a rich and diverse learning experience. Seizing this opportunity promises not only a deep well of knowledge but considerable enjoyment and tremendous satisfaction as you immerse yourself in learning from the pioneers in the field. Engaging in this program comes highly recommended, promising unparalleled preparation for a vibrant future in law and technology. Don't miss out on this rewarding journey; it is not just an education but a gateway to influencing the future. Highly recommended!!!
Yaniv Shukrun
I feel incredibly fortunate to have been part of the distinctive program for the master's degree in law focusing on "Law, Technology, and High Tech," spearheaded by Prof. Shlomit Yanisky-Ravid. Throughout the program, we delved deep into an expansive array of knowledge that equipped us with the necessary tools to navigate the myriad challenges presented in the high-tech and technology sectors, areas which are undeniably steering almost every industry today. In my view, it is essential for every legal practitioner to become proficient in the wide range of subjects covered in this degree program. Key topics of study include smart contracts and artificial intelligence, which are undoubtedly the most pertinent and buzzing fields in the present day. The program was not only fascinating and enriching but also featured close guidance from both Ono College and Prof. Shlomit Yanisky-Ravid, adding a personalized touch to the learning experience. I am confident that anyone choosing to follow this path will find it to be a decision they won't regret, stepping into a realm of learning that is both deeply fulfilling and squarely at the forefront of modern technological advancements.
Hodaya Sabag
The master's program in law with a specialization in high-tech and technology law at Ono Academic College serves as a gateway to exciting, innovative, and practically applicable domains that promise to be relevant for many years to come. This dynamic program provided us with the opportunity to engage with top lecturers and industry leaders from Israel and across the globe, offering deep insights into the expansive and evolving fields at the intersection of technology and law, traversing various dimensions and levels. Our journey included learning about a myriad of topics such as blockchain technology, smart contracts, digital currencies, artificial intelligence, as well as the broader implications and ramifications of technological advancements on legal frameworks, ethical considerations, and moral dilemmas, among others. Steered by the expert guidance of Prof. Shlomit Yanisky-Ravid, this distinct program equipped us with indispensable tools, giving us a decisive edge in the newly unfolding world. It cultivated in us the proficiency to anticipate and scrutinize different developments, comprehend the potential outcomes, and to craft well-informed professional opinions grounded in comprehensive knowledge. Not only did it foster in-depth understanding, but it also encouraged the cultivation of a self-reliant and continuous learning approach, especially pertaining to the interplay between technology and law. I wholeheartedly recommend this program to anyone eager to acquire a blend of theoretical knowledge, research acumen, and practical skills in these burgeoning fields. It stands as a commendable choice for those looking to be adeptly prepared to navigate the future landscape of law and technology.
Elyashiv Buhbut
Student, father of 6

Study Days and Placement