Dr. Inbal Blau (Maimon)

Lecturer in the Law School


Dr. Inbal Blau (Maimon) is a lecturer in the Faculty of Law. Prior to joining the faculty of Ono Academic College, she was a postdoctoral fellow at the Hebrew University as well as at the University of Alberta in Canada. Dr. Blau (Maimon) won the prestigious ISAF Scholarship for Outstanding Researchers. For years, she taught at the Faculty of Law at Tel Aviv University and won the Rector’s Excellence in Teaching Award, as well as the Rector’s Excellence in Teaching “List of the Century.” She also won the “Inspiring Doctoral Degree” award at Tel Aviv University in 2006.

For about a decade, Dr. Blau (Maimon) worked as a lawyer in the private and public sectors, including as a legal assistant to the Honorable Justice Khaled Kabov, in the economics department of the Tel Aviv District Court. Her research on compensation for victims of mass incidents has been accepted for publication as a book by the Sacher Institute at Hebrew University’s Law School. Some of her articles have been cited and mentioned in judgments of the Supreme Court and the district courts in Israel. Dr. Blau (Maimon) has participated in many conferences in Israel and abroad.


Faculty of Law, Tel Aviv University
LL.M (Research)
Faculty of Law, Tel Aviv University
Faculty of Law, Tel Aviv University

Teaching Areas

Family law, drafting of legal documents, and civil law

Research interests

Civil Law, Torts Law, Corporate Law, Legal Writing, Family Law and Law and Society