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An innovative, one-of-a-kind study program that allows a specialization in real estate intended for lawyers and attorneys for the first time
Students gain deep legal knowledge in a variety of real estate disciplines.
The degree addresses all the aspects of the Israeli real estate world: planning, entrepreneurship, law, management, and finance, with a focus on three study clusters: a real estate transaction cluster, an urban renewal cluster, and an Israeli real estate cluster.


Real estate is among the most important areas in the practice of law.

There is no lawyer who, at some point in their professional life, does not deal with real estate, whether directly or indirectly, as a professional party to a transaction or as a partner in entrepreneurship.

A great many lawyers and jurists work in the field of real estate, but their initial law degree program is unlikely to have any real focus on this area. This leaves many of the lawyers involved in planning and construction, real estate contracts, representing buyers and sellers, or managing complex Israeli real estate transactions, without the fundamental professional knowledge required to handle the legal side of these transactions properly.

In order to solve this problem, Ono Academic College has developed a unique study program – a Master of Laws Specialization in Real Estate.

This program, sponsored by the Ministry of Construction and Housing, features diverse courses developed and delivered by leading experts.

If you’re interested in a thorough initiation into the field of real estate, we invite you to join this program and gain the knowledge you need, along with the prestigious master’s degree to back it up.

The curriculum is designed to impart both theory and practical experience, with students developing the tools they need to succeed and learning from leading lecturers in the world of Israeli real estate.


Program lecturers include: Prof. Gabi Halevi, Ono Academic College; Dr. Gershon Gontovnik, Tel Aviv District Court; Dr. Avi Gorman, Central District Court; Dr. Chava Erlich, Tel Aviv District Planner; Atty. Shlomi Heisler, in charge of the Land Registry; Atty. Elazar Bamberger, Ombudsman of the Ministry of Construction and Housing; CPA Shai Aharonovitz, Deputy Director of the Tax Authority (real estate taxation); and more.

Program courses include: Israeli land laws, Reading building plans, Planning and construction laws, Expropriation laws, Real estate taxation, Urban renewal, Improvement levies, Issues in constitutional and real estate law, and more.

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Atty. David Berliner Partner at Berliner, Rosenberg & Co.
I remember my studies at Ono as an excellent experience mainly due to the feeling that the student is at the center, and the entire system is designed and functions for him: from the Directorate of Students, which is remarkably available, through the excellent lecturers who really care that the students learn and succeed, to the heads of Ono Academic College, who will do everything to support their students, even after they have graduated.
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Prof. Yuval Elbashan Dean of the Law School
Beyond acquiring additional legal knowledge, the curriculum promotes the development of in-depth legal thinking, and the ability to conduct independent legal research at a high level. In this framework, the program offers unique courses such as: modern analysis of the law; Science and law; Game theory - applications in law, and more. The curriculum is built in a combination of courses that will reflect practical tools and skills alongside in-depth theoretical courses.
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Dr. Haim Zicherman Head of the Program and the Real Estate School
We have built, step by step, a discipline with an orderly academic method, which enables teaching and imparting real estate knowledge to those seeking to engage in the field. Among the lecturers, you will find first-rate experts in the world of real estate, optimally combining academia and practice.

Our Program Graduates Speak

The field of real estate should be treated just like any other profession. You would never expect a doctor or lawyer to practice without first having studied their profession. The same should be true for real estate - a field that requires multidisciplinary knowledge and expertise that you can develop here at Ono Academic College.

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More About the Program

  • The program emphasizes applied academia with a strong connection to the work going on in the field. In this framework, senior lecturers in the Faculty of Law at Ono Academic College provide instruction in the program alongside senior and highly experienced judges.
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