Program Highlights

You will learn from the best lecturers in Israel: Prof. Yuval Elbashan, Dr. Rivi Cohen, Prof. Gabriel Hallevy, Dr. Amal Jabarin, and more.
The degree allows you to combine studies and career development. You will receive practical tools for social change and integration in public, social, and educational frameworks.
The track is especially suitable for undergraduates in the humanities and social sciences, social work, political science, business administration, engineering, and other disciplines.


Even though we do not know what your current occupation is, we do know that a law degree is probably relevant to your career.

Why? It’s simple!

Because almost every area of ​​our private and public lives is currently affected by the law, anyone who wants to improve their own life or promote social change or initiate, innovate, and create processes to improve society must have legal knowledge and tools.

The studies are intended for students with a strong vision and desire to promote social change through legal tools; for pioneers in a character whose initiative, innovation, and creativity are key elements of their being. As part of its uniqueness, the program includes components on in-depth recognition of the social situation in Israel today, including socio-legal issues.

Among the topics of study: The challenges of the modern world of work, the allocation of state resources, mediation, planning and construction law and tenders, equality in law, medicine and law, social rights, public choice and law, and more.

Among the lecturers: Prof. Yuval Elbashan, Dr. Rivi Cohen, Prof. Gabriel Halevy, Dr. Amal Jabarin, Dr. Elad Finkelstein, Dr. Ofer Tur-Sinai, Dr. Yaacov Ben Shemesh, Prof. Yitzhak Cohen, and more.

I Believe
Prof. Yuval Elbashsan Dean of the Multicultural Campus, Jerusalem
Almost every area of public and social life today is dominated by law. This development is accompanied by a demand for the expansion of legal knowledge in the public, social and non-profit sectors. Anyone currently engaged in public affairs is required to have legal knowledge regarding the rules pertaining to public law, regulation, state resource allocation, tenders and a variety of other areas of law.

Our Program Graduates Speak

For your next job:
You will gain knowledge in contract law, tender law, and family law
For your next job:
You will have an understanding of jurisprudence, equality in law, and law and culture
For your next job:
You will acquire tools for mediation and for resolving issues of principle between administrative and tort liability

More About the Program

  • The Council of Higher Education has approved the opening of the program. Awarding of the degree is conditional on its continued approval.
  • The program has a safety net of an MBA in Business Administration

Video Journey: Law for Non-Lawyers