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Master of Laws with a Specialization in Real Estate

Real estate is among the most ubiquitous fields in the practice of law.

All lawyers deal with real estate one way or another, whether directly or indirectly, no matter their individual specialization. You may find yourself supporting any of the various parties concerned in any real estate transaction.

Many lawyers and jurists find themselves dealing with real estate law but aren’t equipped with the tools they need in that area during their first law degree. With countless lawyers involved in planning and construction, real estate contracts, representing buyers and sellers, and complex transactions with the Israel Land Authority, many find themselves lacking the professional knowledge needed to manage this area of law.

To remedy this issue, we developed a study program that’s unique in Israeli academia – a master’s degree in law with a specialization in real estate.

The program, sponsored by the Ministry of Construction and Housing of Israel, includes diverse courses from leading experts.

If you’re interested in developing a thorough understanding of real estate law, we invite you to join this program and gain comprehensive knowledge and the prestigious master’s degree to show it.

The practical and enriching curriculum features comprehensive, practical knowledge in the field of real estate law, delivered by top lecturers in Israeli real estate.


Master of Laws with a Specialization in Commercial Law, Hi-Tech and Technology

The digital age has now become an integral part of leading a life of commerce, economics, and law.

In a reality where autonomous systems driven by artificial intelligence are penetrating the fields of commerce, medicine, art, transportation, and warfare, where commerce and communication are conducted using the internet and blockchain platforms, and where smart contracts and digital currencies are replacing traditional commercial-legal tools – questions arise regarding the readiness of the legal world and law students to deal with commercial and legal issues with tools created before these innovations became dominant.

The program is designed to impart knowledge on the impact of the technological revolution on the world of law, focusing on commercial law and innovation, and imparting legal tools to face these new challenges, along with deepening research and encouraging creative and critical thinking.

This degree is relevant to many business fields, including contracts, torts, companies, labor, and more. It prepares lawyers for the internet age and for legal work related to the high-tech industry.

I Believe
Dr. Hayim Zikherman Head of the Real Estate Specialization Program
We have built, step by step, a discipline with an orderly academic method, which enables teaching and imparting real estate knowledge to those seeking to engage in the field. Among the lecturers, you will find first-class experts from the Israeli real estate world, optimally combining academia and practice.
I Believe
Prof. Shlomit Yaniski-Ravid Head of specialization in commercial law, hi-tech and technology
In the age we live in, every commercial attorney must acquire the knowledge and legal tools to face new innovations and challenges and continue leading the field of law forward instead of standing still. In a world grappling with smart contracts, buying and purchasing services and products through the internet and social networks, and payment via digital currencies, new questions about legal responsibility, ownership, and the impact on privacy and other rights arise. Are you ready for a redesign of the questions we face in commercial law? Are you interested in integrating as lawyers into the prestigious high-tech field? Do you need to maintain your professional relevance and expand your understanding? If so, you've come to the right place.
I Believe
Prof. Yuval Elbashan The head of the program and the dean of the multicultural campuses
Almost every area of public life and society is controlled by the law today. With this development has come the need for an expansion of legal knowledge among the public, social, and third sectors. Anyone who deals with public affairs today needs legal knowledge regarding public law, regulation, allocation of state resources, tenders, and various additional areas of law.

Our Program Graduates Speak

I remember the studies at Ono as particularly experiential, mainly due to the feeling that the student is at the center and that the entire system is designed and functions for their benefit: from the student administration, with its exceptional availability, through the excellent lecturers who really care for each student's education and success, and to the heads of Ono Academic College, who will do everything to advance their students, even after they've finished their studies.
Attorney David Berliner
Partner in Berliner, Rosenberg & Co.

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