Geula Avidan

Assistant Dean of Students, ultra-Orthodox Campuses


Geula Avidan is the Assistant Dean of Students responsible for Ono’s Ultra-Orthodox Campuses. In addition, she serves as Deputy Academic Director of the Campuses and has been a lecturer in Torts and Family Law since 2002.

Before that served as a member of the Netanya District Court’s Sewerage Appeals Committee and as legal counsel for “Namdar Shilo” Ltd. (an institutional project management firm). Avidan was a member of the Executive Committee of Israel’s Broadcasting Authority, a Director of the Yuvalim Water Corporation in Ashdod, a Government representative on the Magen David Adom (Israeli Red Cross Council), and a Member of the Boundaries Committee of the Ministry of the Interior.  Avidan also served as a Member of the assembly that elects the Chief Rabbinate Council.

Teaching Areas

Torts and Family Law