Word of Prof. Tsipi Heart, Head of the Faculty of Science and Technology

“Shortage of technology workers in Israel” the headlines in the media shout.

We all know friends who have studied various professions in the field of technology, and today work in jobs that are not only both challenging and fascinating but are also lucrative. But some of them do not have an academic degree, and they find out quickly at the peak of their careers that they are blocked and unable to advance.

At Ono Academic College, we established a School of Technology and Science with a variety of study programs suitable for all stages of the career: from beginners to those who are already working and want to complete a bachelor’s degree. The pleasant atmosphere on campus invites both men and women to study and integrate into a challenging profession with a secure and substantial income.

You can choose between a B.Sc. degree in Computer Science or a B.A. in Business Administration with a specialization in Information Systems, achievable within three years of study, and following, an M.B.A. degree with Information Systems or Cyber ​​Defense specializations in an additional year. With such a variety of programs, everyone can find the right track for their skills and inclinations. Graduates of 4 and 5 units in Mathematics with a grade of 75 or higher are eligible for the B.Sc. in Computer Science program with a specialization in Technological Entrepreneurship. Those interested in a managerial career in the field of technology that enables promotion to senior management positions will be able to study in the B.A. program in Business Administration with a specialization in Information Systems. This program provides a certificate of Information Systems Analyst Specialist, SAP Systems Integrator and the opportunity to study a third year expanded program in Cyber Defense, that will be listed on the internal graduation certificate.

We plan soon to open a B.Sc. program in Information Systems with a choice of specialization in Data Science or Cyber Defense and an M.A. program in Data Science.

All our courses employ an applied approach. We prepare our graduates for integration into the labor market by teaching sought-after subjects such as: programming in Python and JAVA, WEB application development, information systems analysis, project management, software quality assurance, data analysis, cyber protection and more. In Computer Sciences, the curriculum provides students with the analytical skills required for positions in fields that require solving difficult problems in medicine and health, transportation, smart city management, and more. All the programs include an applied final project in the last year. Many of them can be carried out in the workplaces of students, or in companies and associations that benefit from our students’ abilities.

Students can choose among a morning program, for those who want to study intensively in a shorter time, or an evening program, which is suitable for full-time working students. We are proud of the personal support and attention given to each student. We do not lecture, but rather we teach. Along with excellent lecturers and experts in their field, the faculty members at Ono Academic College teach with a sense of mission to train the next generation of technology people in Israel.

We welcome you to come and join our family.

Prof. Tsipi Heart, Head of the Faculty of Science and Technology.