Program Highlights

A selection of specialization courses such as data mining in the big data era, data science principles, cyber threats and their prevention, and more.
Our graduates are integrated into key positions and management positions in leading companies and corporations in the economy.
The studies are in collaboration with SAP and the Israel Information Technology Bureau

Admission Requirements

Direct admission:

Undergraduate degree from a recognized academic institution with an average of 80 or higher.

Weighted acceptance:

A: Undergraduate degree from a recognized academic institution averages between 70-79 and passing an admissions interview.

B: Undergraduate degree from a recognized academic institution and passing an admissions interview and relevant managerial/professional/employment experience.

Or, with an Undergraduate degree from abroad, an attachment certificate from the Ministry of Education, the Division for the Evaluation of Degrees and Diplomas must be attached. Phone: 02-5601684.

* Applications of graduates of academic institutions abroad (including affiliates) will be examined in each case individually

More About the Program

If your dream is to manage in a digitally advanced environment, fund a start-up, and formulate in-depth and groundbreaking innovative strategies, this is the program for you. Technology is a significant tool for the consumption, production, sharing, and analysis of data, information, and knowledge for managers and employees alike. The consumption of technology encompasses us in every field. The main goal of the internship is to impart knowledge in the management of technologies and information systems. In this framework, students will be provided with professional, applied, and theoretical knowledge and educated on current trends by lecturers with extensive professional-managerial experience and from the perspectives of a variety of management levels.

Another goal of the internship is to train entrepreneurial executives whose business ability and understanding are necessary to navigate an ever-advancing and ever-changing technological business environment. This specialization combines courses both from the world of technology management and information systems and from the world of technological entrepreneurship. Among the study topics are Introduction to Data Science in the Big Data Age, applications in Data Science, applications of B.I. business insight systems, new product development, cyber threats and their prevention, and more.