Program Highlights

Students will go through a series of valuable internships and learn entrepreneurship from industry-leading experts.
Applied collaborations with major companies, including, Matrix, SQLINK, and Migdal Insurance Company.
Unique professional courses taught by industry experts empower the development of the graduate as an expert in their field.


Career path

Behind every cutting-edge AI and machine learning solution, there’s the human element that makes it work. If you want to be that human element, then this program is for you. With a direct route to a B.Sc. in Computer Science and our MBA option, you’ll learn how to develop innovative software-based technologies and products and the entrepreneur and managerial skills to support them.

By attaining both a B.Sc. in Computer Science and an MBA, you’ll have a considerable advantage in the labor market. The direct track will prepare you for diverse career options in fields that require the best analytical and technical skills, such as big data analysis, cyber, and more.

Subjects of study

  1. Core mathematics and computer sciences courses, including Data Structures, Algorithms, and Automatization.
  2. A range of entrepreneurship courses, along with courses in Cyber and Information Security, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Analysis.
  3. Advanced programming courses in Python, JAVA, Assembly, and more.

Program graduates will have the skills to integrate into a variety of fields, such as data analysis in medicine, fintech, agritech, automation and robotics, and more.

*Partial list. Program subject to change.


You could have an MBA in just four years!

At Ono Academic College, you can complete an MBA in just one year after graduation, with or without a thesis!

Our MBA curriculum is rich and diverse, drawing from the accumulated experience of leading universities in Israel and around the world, along with the many years of experience held by our faculty. Your studies will prepare you for senior management positions and instill an in-depth understanding of all aspects of the business world.

Our teaching staff includes graduates of leading universities throughout Israel and the world, top-class researchers in their fields, and senior managers with extensive industry experience and proven contributions in both private and public sectors.

The material you’ll study is based on essential principles of management theory but also presents these concepts with an emphasis on practical application.

In our classrooms, interactive studies feature practical experiences, along with guest lectures by senior Israeli business leaders.

The student entrepreneurship club at Ono Academic College was established in cooperation with the student union and the college administration. The club encourages entrepreneurship and practical industry experience by holding periodic meetings with senior executives in the tech industry. Over the years, we’ve transformed studies into an experience that goes beyond imparting tools and building foundations to also provide the key judgment skills that are needed to face the challenges of leadership and help our graduates to change the face of society in Israel.

You’ll find proof of the difference our commitment to an enriching and unique learning experience can make in the achievements of our graduates throughout leading organizations and companies.

Come join us on a fascinating journey to a deeper understanding of business in Israel.

I Believe
Ran Bar-Zik Lecturer in Computer Science
High-tech is a complicated industry, and we have created a brilliant, precise curriculum here that really meets the needs of graduates and helps them integrate into the field easily – not only integrating but also thriving with the help of the tools you will learn here to reach senior positions.

Our Program Graduates Speak

"The teaching staff at Ono gave me more than just knowledge. Some of them have become real friends. They give me guidance for the rest of my career, advice, and the ability to reach the places I choose."
Maor Assa
"During my studies, I was exposed to the diverse fields of high-tech industry, they prepared me for the requirements of the industry, and I gained a lot of knowledge about the world of entrepreneurship."
Gai Raffael Yona

Study Days and Placement

More About the Program

  • A wide range of scholarships is available for outstanding students, employees in selected organizations, the self-employed, and those serving in the security forces. Scholarships based on the socioeconomic background are also available.
  • The first semester includes a required preparatory mathematics course (in parallel with the degree studies) and entrepreneurship courses.
  • Applied collaborations with major companies, including, Matrix, SQLINK, and Migdal Insurance Company.


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