Ely Calderon

Lecturer in the Cyber Security and Forensics Program


Ely Calderon is the Head of Enforcement in The Israeli Privacy Protection Authority at the Israeli Ministry of Justice.
In this role, Ely provides leadership for the enforcement activities of the IPPA, thus providing protection to Personal Information held in digital databases by all entities in Israel – private, public, and governmental. This unique position allows for the bridging of the ever growing gap between technology and regulation, utilizing his technological, marketing and legal years of experience to strategize the IPPA’s enforcement policy and tools and leading teams of internal and external investigators, inspectors, lawyers, CPA’s and technological experts in the fields of forensic analysis, cybercrime and cyber protection, administrative and criminal enforcement of data protection law over the private and public sector and the enforcement of the Digital Signature law.

Ely represents the authority in national and international enforcement collaborations, in parliament committees, governmental projects and  international conventions, taking part in the privacy legislation processes from inception to implementation and execution.