Dr. Avi Mazor

Lecturer in the School of Science and Technology


Avi Mazor is the director of a China-based Diadem company, which initiates and manages projects in China with the participation of foreign and Chinese companies and the mentorship of entrepreneurs and startups.

Prior to this, he worked as a Managing Partner at Telesoft Partners Venture Capital, Silicon Valley, USA; Managing Director at Motorola Ventures – Motorola USA’s international investment arm; Authorized Contractor of the World Bank-USA; VP of Investments at Aura Investments -Israel; Director of Investment and Business Development at RDC – Israel, and senior researcher at RAFAEL.


Postdoctoral Fellow
U.S. National Laboratories in Los Alamos (1988-1985).
Physics, Weizmann Institute of Science (1985).
Physics, Tel Aviv University (1981).
Physics, Tel Aviv University (1976).

Teaching Areas

Business Entrepreneurship - From Sprouting to Market Entry, Business Development in Global Markets, Mergers and Acquisitions, Intercultural Negotiations - in the Western World and Far East Communal World.

Research interests

Business Entrepreneurship, Social Business Entrepreneurship, Models and Processes of Innovation in Organizations, New Financing Models for Entrepreneurship, Business Models and Strategies in Infiltration to Global Markets, Decision Making Organizations.