Program Highlights

You will receive a certificate as an information systems analyst from the Israel Information Technology Bureau and an ERP SAP certification certificate.
Among the lecturers are prominent researchers, leading entrepreneurs and senior executives at major technology companies.
There is an option for additional cyber defense studies (which will be indicated on the internship certificate).


Career path

The State of Israel faces a severe shortage of high-tech human resources: in 2021, there was a shortage of 18,710 workers for high-tech jobs, meaning there is a great demand for workers in an advanced technological environment.

The program aims to train you for exciting and sought-after positions in the technology industry, with a managerial perspective, to prepare students for future management positions. The degree provides students with tools and training in professions required in the high-tech industry, according to the industry’s requirements.

What can you do with your certification?

FrontEnd Software Developer, Data Analyst, Product Manager, Domain Manager in the Computing Department, Tech Sales Manager, Software QA Testers, Database Manager, Cyber Protection Implementer, ERP Systems Implementer, PMO Project Management, and more.

Among the subjects of study

The study topics will cover five areas:

  1. Development of FrontEnd Websites in the scope of about 290 hours.
  2. Data Analyst in the scope of about 300 hours.
  3. Tech Product Manager in the scope of about 260 hours.
  4. Cyber Protection Implementer in the scope of about 300 hours.
  5. Additional courses in information systems, and business administration courses amounting to approximately 480 hours.

All technological courses will be taught in an applied approach while expanding and enriching the students to develop their problem-solving, entrepreneurial, and teamwork skills alongside technical abilities. During the studies, students will accumulate a portfolio of work that they can present in job interviews.

Among the subjects studied in the morning course

First Year

  • Introduction to Information Systems
  • Introduction to WEB Development and Programming Thinking
  • Algorithms and Development in Java Script
  • Introduction to DSS Data Mining
  • Selected Topics in Micro and Macroeconomics
  • Excel Applications for Managers and Data Analysis
  • Academic Literacy
  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Organizational Behavior
  • The Legal System and Business Law
  • English (placement by level)


Second Year

  • Introduction to Operating Systems
  • Introduction to Data Communication
  • Databases and Application Generators
  • Advanced Development with Angular/ REACT
  • UI Design
  • Topics in DBA and Advanced SQL
  • Advanced JS Programming and an Intermediate Project
  • BACKEND Programming – NODE JS
  • Financing Basics
  • Projects Management
  • Python Programming
  • CRM Systems and Business Analysis
  • Project Summary Front-End Development
  • Certification of Cross-Organizational ERP Systems
  • English (placement by level)


Third Year

  • Power BI
  • Introduction to Cyber Defense
  • Professional Ethics and Order
  • SQA – Software Quality Assurance
  • Business Analysis Using Python – DA Summary Project
  • Analysis and Characterization of Technological Projects
  • Technological Entrepreneurship
  • Information Systems Audit
  • Product Management Project Summary



  • Advanced Topics in Operating Systems and Data Communication
  • Security Methods and Measures in Computer Systems
  • Summary Cyber Project


*Example curriculum and is subject to change


Certificates that will jumpstart your career:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration
  • Specialization Certificate in Information Systems, with an Emphasis on Frontend Software Development, Data Analysis, Product Management, or Cyber Studies
  • Specialist Information Systems Analyst Certificate from the Israel Information Technology Bureau
  • ERA SAP Implementer Certification
I Believe
Dr. Tzipi Heart Head of the Specialization
We at the Ono Academic Campus teach information systems oriented to people who want to advance to managerial positions. We teach a wide range of sub-disciplines within the world of information systems in organizations and thus students acquire all the knowledge that will serve them when they enter the job market.
I Believe
Shai Suderi Graduate, Director of Business Analysts at Credorax
Simply excellent networking. Already in my degree, I connected to positions in the field and came out ready to join exactly the organizations I wanted

Our Program Graduates Speak

Michal Halachmi
VP of Geocartography Group
Ilana Rapoport
Information systems analyst and director of Bank Leumi
Boris Ilaev
Director of Information Security, Cyber Protection and Information Technology Risks Phoenix Insurance Company Ltd.

More About the Program

The degree is accompanied by an advisory committee that includes senior members of the technology industry and a job placement expert. Among them is Eliraz Blau, who leads the industry relations and placement of the technological arm of the college. Eliraz has extensive experience recruiting for technical positions in various organizations and groups, including production development and support for Intel in Israel and Asia, career counseling and training for recruitment teams, and more. As part of his role, Eliraz helps students and graduates by connecting them with companies and potential employers, preparing them for job interviews, and accompanying them through the process.

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