Rami Tamam

Co-Head of the Cyber Security and Forensics Program


Rami Tamam holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Law from Tel Aviv University and a Master’s Degree in Law from Bar Ilan University and has been accepted by the Israel Bar Association for many years.

Rami served as a senior officer in the Israel Police in various positions in Lahav 433, spearheading investigations as joint task force commander with the Police, the State Attorney’s Office, the Tax Authority, and the Prohibition on Money Laundering Authority.

Rami is a certified cyber and computer forensics investigator for the Israel Police and other organizations. He commanded the Police Forensic Investigators’ Course and conducted various computer investigations. Currently, Rami is the director of an MBA course majoring in cyber forensics and security at Ono Academic College and teaches cyber and money laundering law in various academic institutions in Israel and to different authorities worldwide.

As Unit Leader, Rami led investigations of financial cases, public corruption, and cyber and online gambling that were the focus of public interest in Israel and abroad, including investigations of prime ministers, ministers, and other officials, the Ashdod Port case, and international crime organizations. These investigations were supported by the State Attorney, the Attorney General, and various senior prosecutors.

Rami directed precedent regulatory processes, including blocking illegal gambling websites and “blacklists” of bank accounts.

These days, Rami provides his extensive knowledge, experience, and skills to public and private sector clients. Rami is a guest lecturer at the Hebrew University and a part-time teacher at Sapir Academic College and the Ono Academic College on money laundering and cyber and currently manages the cyber course of the MBA degree of the Ono Academic College.

Rami has recently finished composing a joint project with senior economists from Harvard and MIT: the Parliamentary Investigation Committee Report on Credit Extension to Tycoons – Kabel Committee. He had previously chaired the Meuhedet HMO investigation committee and provided opinions on corporate office holders’ offenses in various companies in the Israeli market.