Program Highlights

The only Master’s degree program of its kind in Israel.
It provides training for positions in the worlds of marketing and technology, and for leading digital transformation processes in the dynamic digital world
The program is delivered by the country’s best lecturers.


For years, the world has been undergoing a major digital transformation; Covid 19 has only accelerated this process.

Persons trained in managing digital systems while operating from a business-oriented viewpoint are sought after in the labor market; those lacking this essential perspective find it difficult to find employment.

Ono Academic College is the first in Israel to offer a comprehensive academic program that integrates all the state-of-the-art tools at the interface of business, technology, marketing and communications. The program trains its participants to develop marketing, digital and business strategies, gather information about their customers using advanced methods, effectively utilize advanced technological tools and manage the digital marketing system from a business perspective.

Its graduates are skilled in doing business in this new world, which links marketing, branding and technology, BI, AI, gamification and machine learning, in addition to classic advertising, spokesmanship, public relations and publicity.

The one-year Master’s degree program is intended for persons who are already employed, and is delivered on one afternoon a week and Friday mornings. It is headed by Dr. Michal Shapira, Deputy Dean of the School of Business Administration and Head of the Department of Advertising and Marketing Communications.

What will you learn?

The purpose of the Master’s degree program is to provide practical, comprehensive up-to-date academic knowledge that will enable building an effective digital strategy and developing capabilities in the fields of branding, advertising, marketing and PR. It covers digital campaigns, social media management, community management, data analysis and mining, marketing management and brand management, advertising and marketing communication management, spokesmanship and public relations, crisis management, employment in startups and more.

You will be able to choose either of two specializations:

Specialization in Strategy and Digital Transformation – designed to prepare graduates for positions that link marketing and technology. Among the courses: Introduction to Cyber ​​Defense, Strategy and Data in the Organization, Community Management, Introduction to Big Data, Gaming, AI in the Big Data Age, Communication and Culture, Machine Learning and Business Analytics and more.

Specialization in Marketing Communications – designed to prepare graduates for positions in the fields of advertising, marketing, spokemanship and public relations, crisis management and more. Among the courses: Strategy Workshop and Start-up Establishment, Campaign Management Workshop, Public Relations Strategy and Crisis Management, Creativity in Business Administration, Brand Management, and more.

Students in both specializations will take courses in management, strategy and marketing management, business negotiation management, game theory and marketing strategy, organizational change management, public and corporate governance, communication and advertising management in the digital age, and new product development, among others.

Employment Objectives:

Program graduates will be equipped to fill a variety of key positions in organizations:

  • In the management of digital and digital transformation: CDO (Chief Digital Officer), digital campaign management, social media management, community management, data analysis and mining, and leading digital transformation processes.
  • In digital consulting companies, strategic consulting companies, advertising agencies and media companies.
  • In advertising agencies in budget management positions (budgeting), digital, media planning and research and strategic planning.
  • In companies and organizations that advertise in marketing management positions, advertising management and other positions that require understanding in the field of communications.
  • In start-up companies.
  • In companies engaged in the fields of digital and interactive communication.
  • In branding, spokesmanship and public relations positions.

“True technological innovation creates added value by providing solutions for overt or covert needs. It can influence behavior, direct it, and in doing so, facilitate actions, save time, and bring value. The new technological tools create solutions and opportunities to pinpoint messages and provide consumers with personal value.”

I Believe
Dr. Michal Shapira Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration and Head of the Department of Advertising and Marketing Communications
"We welcome the new degree, which continues our view that in an age of change and revolution in the worlds of content and marketing, academic knowledge must more than ever be relevant and help graduates integrate into the professions of the future. This is the role most relevant to our era. For those people who are already part of the advertising, marketing and digital industry, the degree will be a career leap and for those who are interested in joining this fascinating field, the degree will serve as a ticket.”

Our Program Graduates Speak

"Digital and data systems are at the heart of modern marketing. The automation and personalization capabilities of new systems enable marketing executives to succeed in their role and lead the companies they represent to exceptional performance."
Ilan Siegel
VP of Marketing, YES, Pelephone, Bezeq International.
Master's Degree, Ono Academic College
"Advanced digital and technological tools now enable marketing executives to create new business leverages. Personalization, omni-channel and real-time response capabilities produce real, meaningful value that drives growth."
Yafit Mantin
Nespresso, VP of Marketing
Master's Degree, Ono Academic College
"The fast pace of the world together with technological and consumer innovations that are becoming more digital and more distracted with the flooding of new channels and media channels, require the marketer to constantly learn how to harness all the data, tools and methods to reach the right audience, product and time."
Amir Schneider
Digital Director of Bank Hapoalim, Marketing Headquarters.
Master's Degree, Ono Academic College

Study Days and Placement

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