Program Highlights

The program is sponsored by the Ministry of Housing and Construction.
The plan is recognized by the Council of Real Estate Appraisers for the purpose of exemption from 11 council examinations.
The only program in Israel that trains real estate professionals in the field of entrepreneurship, finance and real estate.


The largest real estate school in Israel institutionalized the profession of real estate management. It provides students with all the necessary tools to integrate and lead in one of the most fascinating and hot fields today. 

Our first business administration degree specializing in real estate gives students a full panoramic view of the Israeli real estate field. Professionals should get to know and familiarize themselves with the entire production chain of Israeli real estate, along with professional deepening in the field in which they are engaged. As part of the degree, the students are exposed to finance, management, planning, marketing, and the legal aspects of any real estate transaction.

As part of the degree, students receive three certificates:

  1. Certificate of Specialization in Real Estate and Infrastructure
  2. Mortgage Consulting
  3. Real Estate Entrepreneurship

As part of the specialization studies, students can choose one of three professional focus areas: real estate appraisals, property management, entrepreneurship, and real estate marketing.

Real Estate Appraisal

The program includes certification studies for the appraisal profession, which include 13 internal exams held as part of the studies. Real estate studies and appraisals are two products that complement each other. Not just real estate appraisals but an optimal understanding of the real estate world in various aspects.

The program also includes a preparation course for the board exam at the end of the degree. A special coordinator accompanies the students in the early stages while preparing them for the external exams.

The practicum program, which takes place during the second and third year of studies, allows outstanding students to integrate with leading appraiser firms as part of the degree requirements while connecting academia and practice to help them find a suitable internship upon graduation.

Upon completion of the degree, there will be a supplementary semester for students focusing on appraisements (semester 2 in the third year). This semester will include all the content required for the appraisal studies that still need to be studied in the degree. This semester will also include a preparation course for the external exam and an introduction to the theory of appraisement.


Property Management

This program, done jointly with the government ministries, seeks to train students in asset management, including government assets and public housing. In this framework, the students learn all the complementary aspects of property management, including contract and tenant management, insurance, financial and planning aspects, and building maintenance.

Almost every business activity in the economy is accompanied by the maintenance of commercial real estate on a large scale. For example, every retail chain, from clothing to food, owns a large number of branches – real estate assets located in different areas and requiring ongoing care. The local authorities also have a property division that manages all of the authority’s properties within its scope.

A professional property manager is highly sought after in the economy and is an impactful way to enter the world of real estate management. The asset manager takes care of the ongoing care of all the company’s assets, including the renewal of contracts, locating required assets, improving them, selling assets that are not needed, managing the business, and handling legal and planning aspects of the asset. The rapidly growing long-term rental housing field also requires the training of property managers who can manage the property portfolios of the institutional bodies.

Alongside property management, the program also deals with practical training for building management. The residential and office towers that have been growing in Israel in recent decades require professional management, usually done through management companies that have replaced the traditional “House Committee.” This focus will qualify you to manage all the financial, real estate, and legal aspects concerning the building.

This program is intended for those seeking to integrate into the business market in property or building manager positions. Graduates of the program will be able to integrate as self-employed or as employees in the field of asset and building management, whether it is small companies that own a limited number of assets or huge companies in the economy (such as banks, GMOs, shopping malls, etc.), which include a large asset division that owns assets worth billions of NIS.


Entrepreneurship and Real Estate Marketing

This program is for those who wish to engage in the field of entrepreneurship and real estate marketing.

The reduction of the available land stock in the country in general, and in the areas of demand in particular, along with the obsolescence of many of the buildings in Israel, lead to the fact that the “roofs” of today become the “land” of tomorrow. All over the country, urban renewal projects are popping up that include changing or demolishing the existing structure and building additions. This field requires specific knowledge and understanding which relate to initiating a project in a built environment.

This program includes extensive knowledge in the field of urban renewal entrepreneurship. Besides the introductory urban renewal course that all degree students study, students of this program will study courses on urban renewal project management, as well as planning, financial, legal, and community aspects of urban renewal. The final project as part of the studies will also be done in this field. In addition, students will study a dedicated course in real estate marketing.

The students studying in this program will combine the knowledge they acquired as part of their studies in entrepreneurship and real estate marketing with extensive knowledge in the field of urban renewal. Graduates of the program will receive a professional certificate as an entrepreneur in urban renewal. We recommend that students interested in entrepreneurship choose this attractive course that combines practical knowledge with lecturers who have been involved in the field for many years.

Employment in this field is possible both as employees in real estate entrepreneurial companies, in various positions related to the promotion of the project in its different stages, contact with tenants, and contact with the authorities. Students can also go forward to work as independent entrepreneurs in the field.

The program certificate is an additional certificate to the degree diploma (business administration) and the specialization certificate (real estate).


Among the subjects studied in the evening classes program

First Year

  • Introduction to Contract and Property Law
  • The Basics of Planning
  • An Introduction to Urban Renewal
  • Introduction to Contract and Property Law
  • Planning and Construction Laws
  • Real Estate Taxation Laws and the Improvement Levy
  • Tax Laws
  • Execution of a Real Estate Transaction
  • Introduction to Microeconomics
  • Business Law
  • Math
  • Financial Accounting
  • Academic Literacy
  • Urban Renewal Tour
  • English (placement by level)


Second Year

  • Risk Management in the Real Estate Market
  • Improvement Levies and Real Estate Expropriations
  • The Basics of Planning – Phase B
  • Project and Infrastructure Management in Real Estate
  • The Basics of Financing and Their Use in Real Estate Valuation
  • Excel Applications
  • Mortgage Consulting
  • Macroeconomics
  • Zero Reports and Business Planning for Real Estate
  • Trends in Planning and Construction
  • Statistics
  • Real Estate Seminar/Practicum
  • Project and Infrastructure Management Tour
  • English (placement by level)


Third Year

Focus selection


  • Introduction to the Theory of Appraisals
  • The Basics of Measurement and Mapping
  • Basics of Building Engineering and Civil Engineering
  • The Appraiser’s Work – Digital Environment and Formulation
  • Project


Property Management:

  • Management of Public Housing Assets
  • Property Management
  • Building Management
  • Transactions in Different Types of Real Estate
  • Project


Entrepreneurship and Real Estate Marketing:

  • Urban Renewal Project Management
  • Real Estate Marketing
  • Safety in Construction
  • Transactions in Different Types of Real Estate
  • Project


Completion semester for appraisement (not part of the degree at an additional cost):

  • Approaches and Assessments
  • Urban Economy
  • Economic Cluster


*Example curriculum and is subject to change


The program is sponsored by the Ministry of Construction and Housing


As part of the degree, students can hold a practicum as a substitute for a seminar and a project. This is practical work that the students perform in the actual labor market, in the leading companies in the economy in the various fields of real estate in relevant positions. These provide students with practical invaluable tools during their degree for continued integration into the real estate market.


I Believe
Dr. Haim Zicherman Program Director
Deciding on academic studies is one of the most important decisions for your future. It is advisable to choose a field of study that enjoys a long-term employment demand, and where you will have a significant advantage. In the State of Israel, the real estate market is expected to double in three decades and will continue to thrive and become the employment locomotive. Academic training in the industry will place you in a professional and sought-after place, more than any other candidate for work in the field.
I Believe
Amir Shaltiel Graduate, Chairman of the Eldar Group
Real estate is one of the areas in the State of Israel that is making the most money. I am glad that Ono Academic College has taken up the gauntlet and is finally setting some order and building an undergraduate program with a specialization in real estate. There is a lot of expertise in our field and a lot of professionalism and one has to learn these things in an orderly manner before approaching the craft.

Our Program Graduates Speak

"In such a competitive market, on the one hand, and in such a constantly changing one, on the other, you have to be the best and with the most diverse and professional toolbox. I have no doubt that at Ono, I got it!"
Hay Galis
"The right way today to become a professional in the industry is to study for an academic degree in real estate, which gives you a broad and in-depth view of the field."
Amnon Merhav
CEO of Israel Builders Association

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