Program Highlights

Our lecturers and consultants are key figures from the world of consulting and human resource management, in the local and global market.
The curriculum will help you specialize in the field of human resources (HR) and integrate into senior management positions in a variety of fields and sectors.
The program incorporates unique and up-to-date courses that address the complex management challenges faced by human resource managers, and the clear need for management skills unique to their field, in addition to general management skills.


The goal of this program is to provide students with enhanced knowledge, tools, and skills across a wide range of managerial elements and current best practices in human resources, including human resource management in a changing environment, as reflected in employee recruitment, turnover patterns, and organizational adjustments following high turnover, employee retention, training, and performance management.

Students will learn how the HR manager acts as a strategic partner in adapting the organization to its environment, how they, too, are impacted by organizational change, and how they play a leading role in the organizational and digital transformation necessary in companies today. The course covers the psychological contract between employee and employer, the ongoing transition to the new work model of the modern world, the necessity of new skills to act as hybrid managers, leading social and corporate responsibility, and more.

Through the course, students will understand the role of human resources personnel throughout the employee lifecycle within the organization, focusing on critical nodes to take action and the tools available for intervention. At each of these nodes, it is vital to assess personal and professional development, act to improve employee performance and employment conditions, and have the vital listening and interpersonal communication skills that let HR managers succeed in their roles.

Students who graduate from the program will receive an additional 

Those who complete the program receive a certificate indicating their specialization in addition to their diploma.

The program can be completed in just one year!

Program courses include:

  • Human Resource Management in a Changing Environment
  • The Role of Human Resources Throughout the Employee’s Life Cycle in the Organization
  • When People, Data, and Technology Meet at Work
  • Data Collection Workshop
  • Career Management
  • The Psychological Contract – Moving to a New Work Model
  • Power Skills – Skills Required in the New World of Work
  • Workshop on the Development of Human Capital in the Organization Through the Enneagram
  • Value Creation and Marketing Strategy
  • Business Strategy
  • Aspects in the Management of the Organization
  • The Basics of Financial Management
  • Managing Business Negotiations
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation
  • Positive Leadership in Management
  • Financial Statements Analysis
  • Public and Corporate Governance
  • Game Theory and Risk Management
  • Business Law and Financial Enforcement
  • Labor Law and Ethics for Managers

Our Program Graduates Speak

"The human resources program at Ono Academic College contributed a lot to me as a manager. In this day and age, managers are required to learn to manage in a new and complex landscape, and the program expanded my toolbox. I studied with professional and empowering lecturers who gave me innovative methods and tools. I highly recommend it!"
Ma'ayan Cohen-Raz
Business consultant, lecturer, and chairman of the board of directors

More About the Program

Who is the degree suitable for?

  • For those who hold a variety of positions in the fields of human resources, security organizations, public businesses and associations.
  • For those who aspire to fill senior management positions in human resources
  • For anyone interested in specializing in the field


Direct admission:

Undergraduate degree from a recognized academic institution with an average of 80 or higher.

Weighted acceptance:

A. Undergraduate degree from a recognized academic institution averages between 70-79 and passing an admissions interview.

B. Undergraduate degree from a recognized academic institution and passing an admissions interview and relevant management / professional / employment experience.
or an Undergraduate degree from abroad – An attachment certificate from the Ministry of Education, the Division for the Evaluation of Degrees and Diplomas, must be attached.
Phone: 02-5601684.

* Applications of graduates of academic institutions abroad (including branches) will be examined on a case-by-case basis.

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