Dr. Eyal Rechter

Deputy Dean of Students, Jerusalem Campus, Academic Director of the Laboratory for Motivational Research and Decision Making of the Faculty of Business Administration


Dr. Eyal Rechter is a researcher and organizational consultant. He specializes in motivation and feedback processes, evaluation and development of employees, and positive psychology applications in organizations. In addition,  Dr. Rechter has extensive experience consulting for measurement and evaluation processes in organizations. In the past, Dr. Rechter served as an economist in the budget department of the Interior Ministry.


Faculty of Business Administration, The Hebrew University (2011).
Faculty of Business Administration, The Hebrew University (2004).
Psychology and Business Administration, The Hebrew University (1997).

Teaching Areas

Management Psychology, Organizational Behavior, Employee Compensation and Evaluation, Creativity in Business and Product Development, and Positive Organizational Behavior.

Research interests

Motivation, employee development and evaluation processes, emotions, personality, positive organizational psychology.