Program Highlights

The only degree of its kind in Israel - a graduate's degree in business administration with a specialization in cyber security (without the need for prior technological knowledge).
In parallel with your degree studies, you'll receive free participation in a prestigious directors' course, at the end of which you will receive a cyber expert certificate. The program features additional enriching courses in the fields of management and entrepreneurship.
The course features a practicum with an emphasis on the practical aspects of cyber security, through the use of innovative simulations in real-world scenarios and a variety of groundbreaking security applications, in collaboration with Elta Systems.


Israel stands as a world leader in the field of cyber security, driven by the knowledge of our industry experts and the pressing need for defense against constant attacks by foreign governments and criminal and terrorist organizations and individuals. The National Cyber Headquarters was created in 2012, and in 2016 the National Cyber Directorate was established. At the same time, businesses, both large and small, have continued to struggle with the evolving landscape of cyber threats, with organizations of all kinds at risk.

Phenomena such as cyber fraud, information theft, and cyber attacks on organizations have become increasingly common in recent years. While in the past, only large entities were targeted by hackers, today, even small companies find themselves at risk of cyber attacks.

Ono Academic College’s MBA Specialization in Cyber Security and Forensics program encompasses the main elements of preventing, managing, and mitigating cyber crises. The synergy between foundational MBA studies and cyber security is more important than ever with the rise of cyber threats in the business landscape. Students will learn how companies must act to deal with cyber crises and their impact on their business and economic aspects.

Those who complete the program receive a certificate indicating their specialization in addition to their diploma.


The program can be completed in just one year!


Program courses include:

  • Introduction to Cyber Defense
  • Familiarity with the Technological Environment
  • Regulation and Legislation in Cyber
  • An Issue in Cyber Defense: Regulation, Protection, and Encryption
  • Cyber Crisis Management in the Organization
  • Concepts in Cyber Defense
  • Cyber Workshops
  • Value Creation and Marketing Strategy
  • Business Strategy
  • Organizational Management 
  • The Basics of Financial Management
  • Managing Business Negotiations
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation
  • Positive Leadership in Management
  • Financial Statements Analysis
  • Public and Corporate Governance
  • Game Theory and Risk Management
  • Business Law and Financial Enforcement
  • Labor Law and Ethics for Managers


As part of the program, you can complete an elective course, which grants a certificate on behalf of Ono Academic College, showing that you are a graduate of the Data Protection Officer (DPO) course.

Students will also receive a certificate confirming that they have completed the required studies for certification as a Cyber Protection Implementer.

The academic director is the former head of enforcement at the Privacy Authority.

Graduates of the program as well as graduates of the Information Systems specialization will be given the opportunity to complete an additional semester (an additional 200 frontal hours in about 13 weeks) and obtain an internal professional certificate - "Cyber Methodology Expert" according to the requirements of the national cyber system.

Our Program Graduates Speak

"I recommend the degree in business administration with a cyber specialization at Ono Academic College. The lecturers are above all others in terms of being attentive and caring, and it is important to them that we succeed in our studies and do our best. Come study in the best program there is!"
Alona Splatter
Marketing and sales manager at a tourism company
"As a graduate of a bachelor's degree in law at Ono Academic College, I was very happy to return to my studies at the college. I highly recommend the master's degree in business administration, specializing in cyber! This is an amazing and unique program, adapted to those with an ongoing career, which enables hybrid learning, enriches, and provides exposure to a variety of fields in the cyber industry, even for those who arrived without any prior technological knowledge. I feel that a new and fascinating world has opened up to me! I had the privilege of meeting amazing lecturers who were available, attentive, and caring for the success of the students and who care that we get the most out of our studies."
Atty. Aviva David
Manager of a department for professional liability insurance and related insurance for freelancers

Admission Requirements

Direct admission:

Undergraduate degree from a recognized academic institution with an average of 80 or higher.

Weighted acceptance:

A. Undergraduate degree from a recognized academic institution with an average between 70-79 and after passing an admissions interview.

B. Undergraduate degree from a recognized academic institution and passing an admissions interview along with relevant managerial/professional/employment experience or an undergraduate degree from abroad with a certificate from the Ministry of Education, the Department for the Evaluation of Degrees and Diplomas. Phone: 02-5601684.

* Applications of graduates of academic institutions abroad (including branches) will be examined on a case-by-case basis.

More About the Program

Degree benefits:

  • The only degree of its kind in Israel – business administration studies combined with a specialization in cyber security with innovative and groundbreaking approaches.
  • Prestigious directors course – the degree includes training as directors in cyber expertise.
  • Connection to the labor market – The course lecturers are among the best experts in Israel in the fields of cyber crisis management and information security management.
  • During the program, great emphasis is placed on practical training and preparation for management professions.
  • Simulator – The program includes the use of a unique simulator, specially developed by Elta Systems, one of the world’s leading cyber security companies, and operated in collaboration with the Ono Academic Campus in real-life scenarios by senior professionals.
  • In-demand careers – A parallel path to the knowledge required by the national cyber system as a “cyber protection implementer” and preparation for the system’s certification tests.
  • After finishing the completion semester, you will receive a “Cyber Methodology Specialist” certificate.
  • Career – Comprehensive preparation for management positions in the field of cyber protection and information security, one of the most sought-after professions in Israel and around the world.
  • 5 trimesters.

Professional certificates upon graduation:

  1. MBA in Business Administration
  2. Completion of Cyber ​​Crisis Management Studies
  3. Certified Director Certificates


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