Dr. Shira Sofer-Vital

Lecturer in the Departments of Education and Society and Business Administration for the MBA Program


She has held diverse roles in the education sector, ranging from pedagogical management in high school to curriculum development, and offering pedagogical consulting and guidance to teaching staff and school administrators. At the Hebrew University, she was instrumental in coordinating and leading various educational research projects, in addition to her role as an external lecturer. Her tenure at the Weizmann Institute of Science included serving as an academic advisor. She has been a driving force behind numerous educational and pedagogical initiatives and has contributed articles in the fields of learning and education sciences. Her expertise in these areas has led her to lecture at academic conferences both in Israel and internationally.


Specialization in Learning in the Information Society, with a focus on collaborative knowledge creation in technology-enhanced communities, as part of the I-CORE program at Ben Gurion University (2015)
Education, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (2013)
Education (with honors), The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (2004).
Education and Arabic Literature (with honours), The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (2001)

Teaching Areas

Educational Social Entrepreneurship, Informal Education, Organizational Change, Leadership in Organizational Change, Academic Writing, Assessment in Education, Fundamentals of Student Assessment, Positive Psychology. Decision Making in Management Curriculum Planning

Research interests

Learning in the Information Age, Collaborative Knowledge Creation in High-Technology Communities, Teaching and Learning in Multicultural Environments, Motivation in Educational Contexts, Argumentation and Argument Activities, Dialogue and Social Interaction in Learning, Conceptual Learning Strategies, Epistemological Thinking, Learning Processes and Methodologies.